Review: Essence “Get BIG Lashes” Mascara

I recently stumbled on this makeup brand,, available at Dischem and Clicks stores. They are so so cheap! Lol yet have pretty good stuff. Check out what products they have on their website here Essence Cosmetics


I’ll be honest and mention that this is the only mascara I’ve tried from the Essence range, but I am so in love!

After a very long time, I have found another mascara that I really like.
It might actually be my new favourite (Sorry Avon Super Shock 😦


It has a normal brush. Nothing special. But it is fairly larger than average.

Now while I do have quite long lashes,  this really makes them look like falsies. I haven’t had a problme with clumping either. Even though it gives amazing volume and length.

The only con I find is that it burns my eyes when I wash it off. Which isn’t actually a con because i now started using oil to remove it and it works great!

I look forward to trying some of Essence’s other mascaras and will definitely post up reviews when I do!

Much love, F

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with Essence and neither was I paid to write this review. And I purchased the mascara with my own money


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