DIY All-Natural Facial Cleanser

Hey/salaams everyone.
Sorry we’ve been MIA since yesterday. I’ve just been busy and well, lazy 😛

Just a quick post for this weekend and we’ll be back with a bang on Monday!

Today’s post is all about this amazing cleanser!


Yes you saw right! Oats!

Regular jungle oats, nothing fancy

So I started using this a while ago, read a lot about it and saw lots of videos on YouTube
So I decided to try it.

If you haven’t picked it up from previous posts, my skin is more on the dry side, and cleansers that are too harsh tend to dry it out even more. But this doesn’t, on the other hand, it makes my skin much more softer and smooth

All you need is a handful of some oats, in the palm of your hand, add some warm water drop by drop until the oats are saturated. Gently squeeze it a little and the water should be milky now. You can squeeze that out and pat it on your face
Then use your oats taking a little at a time and rub it onto your face, section by section.
I suggest doing this over the basin because the oats will be falling as you massage it into your face Lol
Once you get the hang of it its much easier

So after you’re done just rinse with lukewarm water and finish with a splash of cold water and pat dry.

You’ll notice your skin will be feel smooth and refreshed.

Now I’ve read lots of people saying that this helped them clear their acne and minimise breakouts. It will calm any irritation and soothe the skin, reduce redness and help fade scars faster.
It surely worked for me.

It’s extremely gentle and won’t irritate your skin.
Safe to use everyday, twice a day.

On Monday I will be posting “My acne story and how I cleared my skin”
So don’t forget to follow the blog so you don’t miss it!

That’s all for this weekend,
Til Monday
Have an awesome weekend
Much love, F ❤


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