Review: Inglot HD Illuminizing Powder

I tend to steer clear of anything powder for the face, due to it making foundation look cakey and dated, but being a makeup artist I love trying new products and this one really exceeded my expectations. I found this powder to be so versatile. It can be used as an all over face powder to set your foundation or on bare skin for a sublte glow, a highlighter & an eyeshadow primer all in 1 product. The packaging is straight forward but looks sleek and professional. I used shade 43 (available in 5 different shades) It is a fine milled powder which has a golden iridescent shimmer. The shimmer is subtle so it’s perfect for everyday use. The shade looked quite light in the tub, but once I dusted it on my skin it was translucent and left my skin looking instantly smoother & oh so radiant. It claims that the diamond dust and silicone makes imperfections appear less visible and I found it did just that 😀 My foundation and eyeshadow lasted all day and didn’t settle into creases or my smile lines 🙂  All in all, this powder is a definite must have. I’m definitely going to add this product to my makeup kit as its perfect for photographic make-up too. Definately a must have in your makeup bag.
xoxo M



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