My Acne Story – Part 1

As promised, this post will be about my acne story and how I managed to clear my skin

My skin isn’t perfect,  but its much, much better than it was.

I’m 1 of those people that have used and tried everything but nothing worked.

I spent a lot of money on face washes and creams that promised to clear my skin.
Some would help, for a few days and then just stop working.

I’ll start from the very beginning. 

January 2011 – my skin was so bad I used to sit in the bathroom and cry. I didn’t wanna look in the mirror. I thought I was ugly. Even makeup couldn’t cover everything up.
I was so embarrassed because it seemed liked everyone else had clear skin, except me. Before this time, I only got pimples on my forehead and chin area, now I was getting them on my cheeks. 2 or 3 at a time! And they were big, red and painful!
It was just getting worse and worse. 

I wanted to go on roaccutane, so I thought I’d go to my Dr and ask him for a prescription. 
While deciding, I started reading up about it, the side effects, both long term and short term, and the fact that it was so expensive! 
I wasn’t too keen, but hey, atleast I would be left with clear skin!
So as I did more research,  I found that roaccutane is actually a derivative/form of vitamin A.
Then I started researching vitamins that are good for skin and help acne. 
*1 thing I always do before buying a product is I always read people’s reviews, weigh the pros and cons.

So anyway the next day I went to the pharmacy and picked up a box of Vital Vitamin A & D, both of which are good for skin.
I started with a small dose and increased as the days and weeks passed. 
Within a week, my skin cleared!
I wasn’t getting any pimples and old 1s were going away
Within a month my skin was clearer than it had been in months!
So once it was clear, I stopped taking the vitamins. My skin didn’t get worse.
I did get a pimple now and then but atleast I didn’t have a face full of them!

I was only left with marks and scarring.
Someone told me to try Golden Pearl. And so I did.
Yes, the infamous Golden Pearl whitening cream!
This made me flawless. My scars were fading and my complexion was clearing up. People noticed and asked what I was using.
I told everyone Lol a few friends and family members even started using it! That’s how dramatically it changed my skin!

For about a year I used golden pearl until I started reading about how bad it is.

So I stopped using it, I figured that my skin was ok now and I didn’t need to use it anymore

And then my nightmare began…..

To Be Continued…

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Stay tuned!

Much love, F xxx


7 thoughts on “My Acne Story – Part 1

  1. I know exacty what u felt. Im going through that phase right now ..being 15 really sucks x_x At the moment im using coalface facewash and dream cream from lush .. hoping for the best


    • Yes it’s just a phase. Once you find products that work for you I suggest you stick to it. Also use products that are as natural as possible.
      Lush is wonderful, hope they work for you too xx


    • Omw wow. I was very close to going to a dermatologist but kept putting it off. I wanted to make sure I tried everything I could 1st before going. I didn’t wanna use any medication.
      I guess that’s when my love and obsession for natural products started


      • I actually went to several dermatologists and I did try their medications but they didn’t seem to work. 😦 what started to clear up my skin were monthly facials with injections and some peels. My acne did recur tho when I stopped doing the facials. When my skin got really bad, that was when i started using Proactiv, which worked. I’m still using it now for maintenance.


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