Review : Beautique Bronzing Powder Brush

Hey everyone!

After watching so many videos on YouTube of people using a stippling brush to apply makeup flawlessly, claiming it gives an airbrushed look. I was hunting for such a makeup brush in SA.


It is a duo fibre brush, the white bristles are synthetic and the black is natural. Lol I know they don’t look white but that’s because my brush has makeup on it
MAC has 1 but it costs R400+
Sorry but I’m not crazy enough (or rich enough hehe) to buy a single brush for that price.
I was over the moon when I spotted 1 at Edgars (you can also get them online at Red Square Stores
The brush line is called Beautique.
They have quite a few brushes, for both face and eyes


It was R99.95 for this 1 and its called a Bronzing Powder brush
It is however a stippling brush and a dupe foe the MAC Stippling brush

I was super excited when I got it and used it the very next day.
I will be honest and say I was completely disappointed when the bristles started shedding all over my face!
I thought I wasted my money

So anyway I washed the brush out and it just layed for a few days until I decided to try it again
I found that it didn’t shed as much an di enjoyed using it.
It also did give my face a very natural finish šŸ™‚

So I used it more and more and each time I noticed less shedding

This is how I use it- I put some foundation on the back of my hand and then just tap the brush lightly to pick up just in the tips of the white bristles.
Then I just stipple it on my face, a section at a time. And then I sort of buff it in
You shouldn’t apply too much pressure and only allow the white bristles to do all the blending

It feels lovely. The brush is really soft and blends in well
I also use the same brush to apply my pressed powder after foundation


It works well with liquid and powder products, wouldn’t recommend it for cream products as the bristles are too soft and sparse to blend it in properly.

If you’ve tried this brush, let us know. Did you love it or hate it?

Much love, F xxx


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