Review: Essence Cosmetics Brushes

Hey everyone

Today’s review is short and sweet.
These 2 brushes are from Essence Cosmetics. They are eye makeup brushes. 


The pink is the Eyeshadow Brush and the purple is the Smokey-Eye Brush
They are super affordable at only R29.95 each and I think work quite well

I use the (pink) eyeshadow brush to pack and pat the base eyeshadow colour onto my entire lid.

Then I use the (purple) Smokey-Eye Eyeshadow Brush to blend in colour into my crease. And blend everything out.

They look quite sleek and stylish. Bright bold colours, rather unusual than the standard white or black brushes.
Every girl loves pink and purple!

I haven’t experienced any shedding and I find that they work well, they pick up product nicely and get the job done.
Definitely worth a try if you’re on a budget and need some brushes.

Essence has a few other brushes, I haven’t tried them yet but if I do, you can expect a review 😉 

That’s all from me for this week!



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