DIY Chocolate Coffee Face Mask

Good morning my dear readers.
Lovely warm day today! I thought I’d give you guys a mask recipe to try out this weekend, pamper yourself a little bit,  maybe have a pamper party with your friends 🙂

I love trying out new masks and mixing up my own concoctions. But I always make sure to 1st research each ingredient, see how it will benefit my skin and always take caution when trying it out. So please make sure you do too.
If you notice any stinging or redness, wash off immediately!


Now, Coffee and chocolate! Yummy
Sounds decadent, doesn’t it?

But as a face mask?
Yes! Just please don’t eat it Lol

Both ingredients are so good for your skin
Here’s why!

Whilst the caffeine in coffee can wake you up in the morning or give you a boost whenever you need it, it has a similiar effect on your skin! (Bye-bye dull skin)

Some benefits include:
Tones down redness and inflammation (has anti-inflammatory properties)
Reduces puffiness 
Brightens and lightens under eye circles
Reduces cellulite

Cocoa (chocolate):
Rich in antioxidants which help fight against free radicals and slow down aging
Softens and smoothesn skin for a clearer, more youthful complexion

The milk and honey will lock in moisture

You will need:
1 Tablespoon finely ground Coffee
1 Tablespoon Cocoa powder
1 teaspoon Honey
Enough yogurt or milk to make a paste
(You can add in a few drops of almond or olive oil if your skin is very dry or a few drops of lemon juice if you have oily skin)

Mix all the ingredients together to form a smooth paste, not too thick or too runny.

Cleanse you face and rinse with warm water. 
Apply the mask to clean skin, if you didn’t add in lemon juice you can apply the mask on your eye area as well. Leave for 15-20 minutes and then wash off and pat dry.

As you apply the mask, it will feel cool and calming on your skin. And afterwards, you will notice how much clearer and brighter your skin looks.
Imperfections might even be lightened and your skin will feel more toned

*Just for Giggles* The once I had this mask on, my cat was looking at me all weird, then she came onto the bed, where I was relaxing and started sniffing my face, she then smacked me with her paw! Haha :p 

Anyway… If you’ve tried this before or do try it out, please let us know what are your thoughts on it and how it works for you 🙂

Have an awesome weekend!
Stay safe and keep warm! 
Til Monday



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