Something Different

Greetings Beautiful ladies

Just thought I’d do something different today πŸ™‚

Just this morning I put my little girl off to sleep, then I made myself a nice cup of coffee, grabbed my laptop and relaxed while watching some videos on YouTube.

Then I did a mini facial for myself.

It felt goooood! It’s amazing what a little “Me time” can do for a woman.

So I wanna know from you guys, what do you do in your “me time” whether you have kids or not (though it is a lot more appreciated when you have kids)

Sometimes I catch up on missed series episodes or just have a nap! If I had a bath tub, I’d definitely have a long, relaxing soak in there.

I’m thinking next time I’d do a pedicure. I’ll put a post up on a step by step DIY pedicure πŸ™‚ *thumbs up if you would like to see that*

Looking foward to it

As always, your feedback is appreciated!

Thank you for reading!
F ❀


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