May Favourites


Good morning my beautiful readers!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. So, for my lack of posts last week, I will make up for it today with not only 1, but 3 posts!!!

1st up is the May Favourites, these are products I started using last month and have just been loving them. I’m not gonna go into so much detail because the 2 upcoming posts will be reviews on 2 of them.

If you would like to see more reviews on the rest of the products then leave a comment below stating which products.

Let’s get to it! I’ll start off with skincare and then move onto makeup

My beloved Clarisonic! Basically it’s a skin cleansing brush/device. It removes more dirt and makeup from your skin, than manual cleansing. I literally just look forward to washing my face every evening. It feels like a spa treatment. And after using it my skin looks and feels so clean! It’s super gentle and can be used twice a day, every day. And even though I would love to use it in the mornings as well, and I have for a few days, but I don’t want to overuse the brush. The brush heads need to be replaced every 3 months with twice daily use, I’m trying to prolong its “life” by just using it once a day. But it works fine for me because I don’t think my face gets dirty while I sleep, manual cleansing is enough for the morning.

So I’ve been using the Clarisonic cleansers that I got with it and I like them. The Refreshing Gel Cleanser and Deep Pore Cleanser are foaming gel cleansers and your skin really feels sqeaky clean after using them. I really like the Gentle Hydro Cleanser because its a cream cleanser for drier skins. I alternate between the 3 of them depending on how my skin feels, but all work well and I’m happy with them


Next is the Rosehip oil. I’m so glad I decided to buy this!  I can’t imagine living without it now! Now I’m you’re thinking that it’s an oil and it will break me out. But this is a dry oil. It absorbs into your skin so fast! I use this as a serum, after cleansing and before moisturiser. Love this oil and will use it forever! 😀 its has so many amazing benefits for your skin such as anti-aging, fading scars and healing acne.. And I can already see results! It also dies wonders for my dry skin.

I bought it from a health shop and whilst browsing, I found the Pigmentation Balm.

It’s from a brand called Ultra Bee, a Proudly South African brand, locally manufactured! This line of products contain 100% natural ingredients, made with pure pollen enriched honey, beeswax and propolis. For more information or to see more of their products, visit their website:

 I use a tiny amount of this after applying my rosehip oil and wait a few minutes before applying my night cream. I also use this after making wudhu (ablutions) throughout the day.


Now moving onto makeup.

• Yardley Roll’o Gloss in Cotton Candy. My absolute favourite lipgloss. I can’t get enough of the smell! ❤ And it’s such a lovely thick formula and gives lips a gorgeous shine.

• ColourTrend Blush in Flora Got this blush recently and it’s working great for me. It give me a very natural flushed look. It can be built up to however dark you want it and I think this colour can be used on all skin tones. It’s a lovely peachy colour

• Real Techniques Core Collection Last but not least, the best brush set ever! Now it’s only a set of brushes for your face, so no eye brushes here. But it’s all you’ll ever need for a flawless finish. (left to right) The set contains : • Contour brush • Pointed foundation brush • Detailer brush • Buffing brush I use my buffing brush daily to apply my foundation. All brushes are made with synthetic hairs so they don’t absorb any product. It blends my foundation in so flawlessly, it looks as if I’m not wearing any. Perfect for use with all types of foundation (liquid, cream, mousse or powder) I use the contour brush to apply bronzer and highlighter. I, like many, use the pointed foundation brush for applying concealer under the eyes. But I have used it to apply my foundation once or twice and it works well. The detailer brush is perfect for applying concealer to spots and pimples. And can also be used as a lip brush.

They come in a unique pouch which is so light and small, and it also folds into a cute stand which can be placed on your dressing table 🙂 it also has space to fit more brushes on the other side. Easy to travel with and doesn’t take up much space. They look so sleek and expensive, but at less than $18, this set is so affordable and absolutely worth it.


Hope you enjoyed this post, full reviews on the Clarisonic and Rosehip oil coming soon 🙂

Thank you for reading

Take care!

xoxo -F


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