Introduction to Skincare Routine

Greetings Beautiful ladies

I know it seems as if all I’m doing these days is apologising for the lack of posts.  But I hope you all understand and just bear with me for a little while as I did mention that we have a wedding in the family and things are just hectic! Exciting but tiring and time consuming!  So whenever I get free time, I rather relax Lol

Ok so I was thinking about doing a series of posts in regards to establishing a good skincare regimen/routine.
It is very important to follow a good regimen to achieve and maintain good, clear and healthy skin.

Each post will focus on 1 step in the routine and I will explain everything there is to know. And help you decide on what products to use etc etc

I really hope that it will be of some benefit to my readers
Please feel free to ask me questions, give me suggestions or any feedback 🙂

The 1st part of the series will be on Cleansing (and makeup removal)
I’ll post it up after this hectic weekend is over! So by Monday

Stay tuned!
Thank you for reading!

– F

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