Skincare Routine Step 1: Cleansing

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Shew! It’s been a hectic weekend and we are all sooo tired. Nevertheless, everything went so well and the wedding was so lovely. Thoroughly enjoyed! 

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll be starting off the skincare regimen today.
The 1st and most important part of a skincare routine is cleansing.
Good cleansing ensures that dirt and bacteria is removed, clean skin allows serums and other treatment products to absorb better and work more effectively.

If you wear makeup, removing your makeup before actually cleansing is optional, depending on how much makeup you have on and the type of cleanser you’re using.
However if you have waterproof makeup on, especially eye makeup, it is best to remove some, if not all of your makeup first.

You get lots of different types of makeup removers on the market and you can even use baby wet wipes or normal facial wet wipes.

Next, which I feel is also very important, choosing a cleanser suited for your skin type.
For example, for dry and sensitive skin types, go for a cream cleanser. Something that has the words gentle or hydrating in the name.

For oily skin, go for foaming gel cleansers. These will remove excess oil and leave your skin feeling squeaky clean.

If you’re acne prone, find a cleanser that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide such as Garnier Pure Active or Clearasil.
Both ingredients can be drying to your skin, so if, like me, you are prone to breakouts yet have dry skin, alternate between cleansers. See how your skin looks and feels. Or use 1 cleanser in the morning and the other at night.

It’s also good to use cleansing tools such as a facial sponge or a face cloth. Or if you’re willing to splurge and invest in your skin, a Clarisonic.
These tools just help to clean your skin a little bit better than using your fingers alone.

When washing your face, use warm water. Washing with water that is too hot will dry out your skin even more and could even cause enlarged pores.
A great tip which my mom taught me is, when you’re done cleansingand rinsing, give your face a few splashes of cold water. This will close your pores, preventing any bacteria or dirt from getting in and causing blackheads and pimples. And it will really refresh you.

Cleansing at night before bed is very important, dirt, bacteria and makeup build up on our skin throughout the day and needs a good clean up before you go to sleep.
So make sure to clean your face before bed. Because when we sleep, that’s the time our skins regenerates and heals. Products get absorbed and work whilst we sleep.

And if you don’t want to use a cleanser in the morning, that’s fine, a few splashes of water will work just fine.
Although it is recommended to cleanse in the morning as well, as bacteria from our hair and pillows get onto our skin, dead skin cells are shed and sometimes sweat can build up.
And as I mentioned previously, good cleansing ensures that serums and moisturisers will get absorbed and work better.

Hope you guys enjoy reading this and I hope some of you find it helpful.
The next step in the series will be Toning, And if it is really necessary for everyone to be using a toner.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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Take care! Hope you all have a great week ahead.

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