Skincare Routine Step 2: Toner

Hope you are all in good health.
Ramadhaan Mubaarak to all my Muslim readers 🙂 Please do remember me and my family in your du’aas (prayers)

Ok so we move onto step 2 in our skincare routine.
A lot of women don’t use toner, some don’t don’t think it’s necessary whilst others don’t even know it’s purpose.

So, 1stly, what is the purpose of a toner and how does it work?
Different toners have different benefits for our skins, just depending on the ingredients.
However, most toners are used to remove any dirt or makeup or even some cleanser that wasn’t properly washed off.
Toners also restore your skins PH balance which might have changed after cleansing, due to the cleanser you are using.
Some even claim toners allow better penetration of serums and creams.
And its astringent properties close and tighten pores to prevent any dirt or bacteria to get trapped in again.

2ndly, is a toner THAT important and should you be using one?

In my opinion, yes.
I find it to be an added step in cleansing.
Sometimes you’d be surprised to see makeup on the cotton pad even after you’ve just washed your face!
Also, I do find that I have less congestion (clogged pores) since using a toner.

It’s also very refreshing if you use it as a spritzer.

However, avoid toners that contain alcohol, it will dry out you skin.
Witch hazel is a natural astringent that has many benefits for your skin, especially for acne sufferers.
Rose water as well, works very well for dry and irritated skin. Its very cooling and soothing to the skin.
There are actually many brands that make Witch hazel and Rose water toners.

**This is just my opinion, I am not a skincare expert but I have a great interest in it, I love reading and I’ve learned a lot along the way**

Hope you enjoy reading, feel free to share your thoughts 🙂
That’s all for this week.
New post up on Monday, and that will be step 3, treatments.

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