Review: Catrice Cosmetics AllRound Concealer Palette

Good evening lovlies!

I just realized that it has been a while since I did a product review. I’ve just been so busy, being a mom. Lol moms will understand.
Especially with a little busy body that just started crawling and wants to explore!

I was using this concealer palette the other day and thought to myself that I have to write up a review.


I bought this from Dis-Chem and it was around R70, I’m pretty sure it was less though.

It has 3 shades ranging from light to medium and a green and salmon colour correcting concealers
Those of you who aren’t familiar with colour correctors might be thinking yikes! Green!? Is the Hulk a new beauty icon! LOL sorry couldn’t help myself!

But anyhoo, now, what these pigments do, is basically cancel out opposing colours.
On the colour wheel, green is opposite of red so therefore when using a green colour corrector,  it cancels out redness on your skin, however when applied, the green actually fades away and once you apply your foundation and normal concealer,  you don’t notice it.
And then the salmon colour is used to cancel out the dark circles under our eyes, which tends to be bluish in colour.

This concealer isn’t very thick so it won’t be long lasting and you will need to touch up if you have a long day. But it does have good coverage and blends really well, I use a damp beauty blender sponge.
And unfortunately it isn’t compatible with darker skin tones, I’m fairly pale (I’ve been told that a few times) and I mix the 2 darker shades to match my skin tone, and once applied they appear lighter.
I do however find the lightest shade can be used as an illuminating/highlighting concealer.

The packaging of this palette is very cute, it doesn’t look expensive or anything but it’s cute and compact and you can easily carry it around in your handbag.

Catrice Cosmetics is fairly new to South Africa, they have lots of gorgeous makeup items at very reasonable prices and excellent quality!

I actually just bought a mascara today, I will be reviewing it soon so keep an eye out for it! 😉

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Thank you so much for reading!
– F


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