Review : Catrice Better than False Lashes Mascara


Good morning beautiful readers!
Wow is it cold these days! Where I stay, it’s like Winter has just begun now only!

If you read my previous Catrice Review, you would have noticed that I mentioned buying this mascara.
So I’ve heard a lot about it and decided to try it.

And boy am I pleased! The name speaks for itself! 😀

It retails for around R80
And can be found at most Dis-Chem stores

What I noticed about Catrice Cosmetics mascara collection, is that they have a picture of the brush on the mascara!
So you don’t have to open the mascara to see.
And this has a normal 1, but as it claims, a triple volume brush.
I agree!


And as you can see the packaging is so stunningly unique!
It’s so shiny and silver!

On to the formula…
It’s not too wet or too dry. I love it just the way it is.
Although I find myself making a huge mess while applying! I’ll literally have mascara all over my eye!
Not sure why Lol

Other than that, the pictures speak for themselves.
When I applied it and took a look at my lashes I was like whooooaa! They really did look like falsies!
I did comb through them a little after applying but that’s just a habit of mine, even though I didn’t need to.
There was no clumping at all.
Just super volume and length.
And this picture I just applied 1 coat!


And because this is a waterproof formula, the curl lasted for a long time.
My eyelash curler broke so I didn’t curl my lashes before, I would be more inlove with it if I did.
Because then they would be mistaken for falsies

I also didn’t find it hard to remove, I just used a baby wet wipe to wipe it off (I wasn’t at home and make wudhu) and that got rid of it.
But other than that I use an oil blend to remove my mascara and it nourishes my lashes at the same time

Hope you enjoyed reading this and found it helpful

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Have a great day!


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