Essence Haul with Mini Reviews (Part 1)


Hey guys

So I recently had a little bit of extra cash and I mean what better to do than go shopping for new makeup goodies :D… Its gotta be my most favourite pick me up in the world! Yes, money can buy happiness lol. 

I was drawn to the essence section when I went to clicks (they stock essence at dischem too) 

The packaging on all their products are super cute, but what really amazed me were their prices. I went a little crazy as you can see. So if you’re looking for products that don’t break the bank but not willing to compromise on quality, than I highly suggest visiting the Essence stand next time you’re looking for new makeup.

So keep reading. I’ll be doing mini reviews on all the products I picked up. 


1st up: Mascaras: Essence Get Big Lashes triple black and Essence Get Big Lashes volume waterproof
These mascaras are amazing, i think they’re around R39.95+ each. They dont flake off and really gives your lashes that extra volume. The waterproof option is basically the same but because its waterproof it lasts longer but not a good idea to use waterproof mascara on your lashes everyday..besides it’s a pain removing it.
I would repurchase the triple black, it makes a great evryday mascara.

I 💗 Extreme (Volume) and I 💗 Extreme (Crazy volume) Mascaras R44.95

To be Honest I find that the Volume mascara adds more volume to my lashes then the crazy volume one. Lol. The brushes are both different..and both work really well.  The I LOVE EXTREME volume one is my absolute fave though (black tube). Ive repurchased it quite a few times already. I use it when I want that extra oomph in my lashes and to get that false lash effect. Its always in my personal makeup bag and in my kit I use them on clients sometimes too because it works so well..and so affordable too. 


Essence Eyeline pen, I 💗 Punk eyeliner, Liquid ink and Liquid eyeliner

Yes I know..I basically bought every eyeliner type they had lol. Im a sucker for eyeliners I just love experimenting with them..and its part of my everyday eye makeup routine. I never leave the house without my eyeliner on 😁   

Different strokes for different folks..

All of these eyeliners give different effects. The felt tip 1s (i love punk and eyeliner pen) give lines that arent as dramatic and doesn’t give u that smooth even looking line, good for beginners because they’re easier to apply. The liquid ink is my fave.. because with this eyeliner u can create that wing and those flicks with precision. It’s a thin brush applicator and gives that perfect seamless line. Eyeliners are tricky to apply thats why most women skip this,  but remember practice makes perfect 😉 
Leave a comment or thumbs up if you would be interested in me doing a post, giving you some tips for applying perfect eyeliner.

Essence Kajal pencils in Black and White. Retails for around R+- 24.95

I guess sometimes you do get what you pay for..I was not impressed with these as they dont last very long. The black smudges alot. On the plus side, they apply well no pulling or tugging and color pay off is good. So make it stay in place and last longer I jus apply black eyeshadow over to keep it in place. Although i think investing in a little more expensive eyeliner pencil would be a better option 😉 

That’s all for eyes.
Look out for my next post with the rest of what I bought along with reviews!

Hope you enjoyed!



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