Special on Maybelline Baby Lips

Hey guys!

This is especially for my South African readers

My sister inlaw actually brought it to my attention, GAME stores have a special on Baby Lips at a crazy awesome deal of R30 for 2!
I was both disappointed and excited because as you know, I bought 4 just the other day, but now I can buy more! Lol yes I’m addicted already! And I wanna collect them all
I paid R24.95 for 1 so this is an amazing deal.
They also have specials on the Garnier BB cream, Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 Facial cleanser/scrub/mask and Dove Hair products, just to name a few.

Offers valid til 5 August so make sure you make a visit before then. You can thank me later 😉
You’re more than welcome to buy stuff for me too Lol #JustKidding
Ok seriously if you wanna buy me something, just go right ahead! 😛

I also could not miss the part where they mentioned Makeup Sale Coming Soon!

Happy shopping!


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