Skincare Routine Step 4: Serums and Moisturisers


So sorry for the delay in this post, hope you guys enjoy reading it. 
After this post, I will do a post on my skincare routine 😀 just to show you all what products I use and all that fun stuff. And I am really liking my routine right now because my skin has never been so clear and so healthy looking.

Anyway lets get right into this last step!


Ok so I’m sure most people don’t use serums and probably some.of you might be thinking that it’s more for older people or something. 
This is a somewhat important step, yet not compulsory
Serums are basically formulated in such a way that they penetrate deeper into the skin and are more concentrated than moisturisers so they really do help and you will see results quite quickly.
A lot of serums are oil based, but don’t be too scared, even if you have oily skin, it will not make it worse. Serums are usually applied at night, so they get working while you sleep.

You get different types of serums, targeted for different skin problems like, acne, pigmentation and scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, brightening dull skin or just restoring lost moisture.

Serums should be applied directly after toning. If you don’t use toner, then after cleansing. It is better absorbed if skian is slightly damp. And apply just a few drops, rub it between your fingers and just pat it all over your face.
After a minute or 2, go ahead and apply your moisturiser. 

Now please,  those with oily skin, read carefully! Never ever skip moisturiser!
Because your skin will think that its drying out and kick your oil glands in overdrive, producing more oil to keep itself hydrated, resulting in more oily skin!
Rather find a moisturiser that has mattifying properties. Or just use a very lightweight, oil free moisturiser. 
But each and every one of us need moisturiser. 
This is what locks everything in, keeps skin soft and supple and will ensure you have a good base for applying your makeup.
And I can’t be any more obvious, but us dry-skinned girls can’t skimp on this!
Having a good moisturiser makes the world of a difference in your skin. I know it has for me

Hope this was helpful. 
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Have a great day! 

Much love,
F xxx


One thought on “Skincare Routine Step 4: Serums and Moisturisers

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