China Mall Haul

Hey guys

Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!

So the other day I went out to buy something and next door was a china mall.
I decided to pop in for a bit and landed in the makeup section, coincidence right? Lol who am I kidding!

Anyway I found some really cool makeup items and for R15 each, I had nothing to lose!


So I picked up 4 eyeshadow quads. And a blush.

I was looking for something matte and to wear on a daily basis, natural looking makeup.
These looked appealing.

So here are some swatches. I am really pleased with the pigmentation of them, definitely exceeded my expectations. Only I was a little disappointed because most of them are shimmery and not matte.




They aren’t very long lasting but that’s ok, I don’t normally wear makeup for very long periods of time so that’s perfectly fine for me.
And I mean, for the price, how can you complain!?

I really like the blush, once applied, it gives me a natural flushed looked.

Let me know if you would like to see some makeup looks using these quads 🙂

Til later
xoxo, F


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