Essence haul: with mini reviews (Part 2)


Hi dolls…so in Part 1 of my essense haul I did mini reviews on all the mascaras and eyeliners I purchased…now im gona do a mini review on all the other products I picked up during my essence spreeeeee. Enjoy πŸ˜€

Essence 3D eyeshadow in Irresistable vanilla latte. Retails for R53.95

Im in love with this eyeshadow the colors are just sooo gorgeous, its quite pigmented and shimmery.  I use this eyeshadow as a highlighter as well and it works so well. I definately will be trying other shades  in these.

Me and my ice cream eyeshadow in Icylicious. Retails for R39.95

This is a baked eyeshadow with swirls of peach and gold and abit of pink. Its such a pretty shade. When applied it looks like a neautral peach shimmery shade. Really brightens up my eyes. I dust it on my cheeks over my blush as well when im gettin ready for a night out. It looks stunning. They didnt have any other shades instock otherwise Im sure I would have bought the other 2 shades as well lol. I love baked eyeshadows and blushes. 

Essence eyebrow stylist set in Natural brunette style Retails for R47.95

I dont really know why I bought this..I personally dont ever do my eyebrows. But i added it to my kit  and used it on a few clients, its pretty GROOL (great+cool) yup im a #meangirls fan lol. It comes wit 3 different eyebrow stencils so its so easy to create perfect, neat groomed brows aaand it has 2 shades so you can customise your color.

Essence lipstick R38.95 and Essence Long last lipstick R44.50

The 3 lipsticks on the left are the normal lipsticks in shades: All about cupcake, Cuti mac cutie & Sparkling romance.
They glide on so easily and make my lips feel so smooth and moisturized. The color is quite sheer so great for daytime wear. It doesn’t last very long but i would def. purchase other shades. Its sort of like a gloss and lipstick in 1. All about cupcake is my fave shade atm. The packaging is cute, color coded in the same color as the lipstick so it makes it easy to pick out and find ur fave shade.

Long last lipstick: Black tubes on the right in shades: Natural beauty and Cotton candy
These are more pigmented lipsticks and do last wayyy longer. I love the color payoff its not tooo dramatic and not too subtle either. Natural beauty is the exact same color as my lips so I practically wear it all the tym and just use shimmery lipgloss over it, it looks super pretty. Cotton candy is a lovely pink, I think it would suit most skin tones as well. A Nice shade for Spring/Summer.

Sun club oil control paper. Retails for R38.95 (50 blotting papers)

It comes in a cute little box that slides open. Perfect to carry in your handbag.  It works excellent. It absorbs all the oil and shine but doesnt leave your makeup looking dry or patchy.

Essence Sun club shimmer bronzing powder in Brunette. Retails for R57.95

Errr I kinda bought this by mistake. I supposed to take the matte bronzer and ended up taking a shimmer one lol I was on too much of a high I guess lol.
But ive used it quite abit and its actualy not too bad although I wdnt buy a shimmer bronzer again. The texture and quality of the powder are great though. So again…absolutely worth the price.

I  basically love the whole Essence cosmetics range.. (No im not being paid to say that) lol. They’re cute, great quality and doesnt break the bank/wallet. Have you tried any of their products? Whats your take? Or would you rather spend more on high end cosmetics?

Im pretty sure theres going to be yet another Essence haul soon πŸ˜‰

Love & lipgloss
Xoxo M


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