My Daily Makeup Routine


Greetings Beautiful readers!

Are you all as excited for the weekend as I am???

Anyway, before we kick back and relax, just thought I’d share with you guys my daily makeup routine.

So after my morning skincare routine, I go ahead and do my makeup.

1st off I apply some BB cream just to even out my skin tone and cover any imperfections.
And if you didn’t already know, the Garnier Pure Active BB Cream is my favourite so far.
This is turning out to be a holy-grail for me.
I’ve been raving about it to everyone I know!
I just love everything about it
** Read my full review here **

Then I just line my upper and lower waterline with an Avon Glimmerstick. Most days I use the shade Blackest Black but sometimes I opt for other colours, depending on what colour hijaab I’m wearing for the day.

Last but not least I just swipe on some Maybelline Baby Lips and I’m good to go! My favourite 1 so far is the Peach Kiss because it gives a subtle shimmery colour, which looks almost like my natural lip colour, but better! And it adds a slight glossy sheen to it.
All whilst keeping my lips moisturised!
Perfect for everyday use.

So there you go! My super quick and easy daily makeup look.

Of course if I am going somewhere special or meeting up with someone then I will add some mascara and maybe a bit of eyeshadow. And if I have breakouts then I will use some foundation or concealer for extra coverage.

Hope you enjoyed.
Thank you for reading!

– I’m


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