Review: Avon Ideal Flawless CC Cream


This was sent to me from Beauty Bulletin and I was 1 of the lucky ladies chosen to review the Avon Ideal Flawless CC cream and I was extremely ecstatic! 

I’ve used almost all the products in the Ideal Flawless range, except the BB cream which I’ve actually just ordered because its2on special at the moment (check it out) and they have never disappointed me.

So when I saw the launch of the CC cream, I just had to get my paws on it!

The most captivating part of it was that it was enriched with natural ingredients such as liquorice extract and vitamin C which helps start to fade dark marks and pigmentation in just 2 weeks! How awesome is that!??! 

Now, I’m all for natural ingredients and in the past, I’ve actually used a serum which contained liquorice extract and it made a world of a difference to my skin. So I knew that this CC cream was going to be the Bomb! And I was right! 

Let’s start with basics, the packaging is very sleek and practical. It’s almost the same as their BB cream, and since it’s a tube, you can control how much you want to dispense and there’s no wastage when it’s finished. I’m not sure if I’m the only 1 that does this, but I always end up cutting my tubes and digging every last bit of product out.

Anyhoo, the consistency of the cream is quite good, not too thick but not runny either, and still provides a good amount of coverage, more than that of a BB cream.

Because it’s formulated with colour correcting pigments, it immediately cancels out your flaws. 
And that’s a promise. It’s amazeballs!

When I just received mine, you can probably guess that I ripped the package open and immediately applied it. 

I had a few active breakouts on my jawline and I saw that as I blended it into my skin, the redness just disappeared and it evened out my skin tone. 

It’s also perfect to use on it’s own as it is buildable to attain a medium coverage and doesn’t cake up, so it’s ideal for those who go for the no-makeup makeup look. If you need more coverage you could just apply a small amount of concealer or foundation and you’re good to go. 
I do find that this acts as a primer and the finished look of my makeup is more smooth and flawless. 
I prefer to apply it with my fingers, but you can also use a sponge or foundation brush, I’ve tried both and they work well too.

It’s also an oil-free formulation and suitable for all skin types, it doesn’t make my dry skin look patchy.

And I find that it creates a perfect balance between dewy and matte. So whatever look you’re going for, it is achievable with this cream. 

Another awesome thing about this is that it has a built in SPF 50! No need to apply extra sunscreen! Which I know can be a nightmare for those with oily skin.

And along with the Vitamin C, this product repairs sun damaged skin and further protects, whilst giving flawless coverage. Who doesn’t love multi-taskers!?!

I am definitely going to stock up while it’s still on special because the regular price is quite heavy on the pocket, especially for the size and I’m just simply in-love!

I’ve been using it everyday but I’m not sure I see a difference in my acne scarring yet, but then again it doesn’t claim to lighten that, only dark spots and pigmentation. However, my overall complexion does seem to be more even. 

Either way I do feel that 2 weeks is a short time for any results to show and Avon does say “START to fade” and not “vanish” in 2 weeks.

It gets 2 thumbs up from me and I have already been bragging about it to my friends and family.


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