Review : Revlon Colourstay Eye liners

Greetings Beautiful readers


So today I will be reviewing the Revlon Colourstay Eyeliner
And it was sent to me from Revlon.
1st off, this is my honest opinion and not influenced at all.
And 2ndly, I am not paid for writing this, I was just sent some items to test out and review.

Here goes!

I received it in the shade Black.
And i was actually glad becuase my Avon Glimmerstick in black is almost finished and I’ve been stingy with it, so I ya, I.was happy to receive the black 1.
I’ll be quite honest and say that I don’t buy eyeliners in other brands because I’ve been disappointed by those that I’ve bought before so I kind of just stopped and stuck to my glimmersticks.

To really put this 1 to the test, I decided to use it on 1 eye and use my glimmerstick on the other.

My 1st impression of it was that it was more “harder” it actually hurt my eye as I tight lined (lined my inner-upper water line)
Having a softer eyeliner makes it easier to apply.
So anyway, I found myself “colouring in” my eyes, to build up the colour.

But, as I used it over the days, it seems to work better. Heating it up a little bit also makes a huge difference, deepens the pigmentation and allows it to glide on more easily.

It looks almost exactly the same as the Glimmerstick, which is a sleek, retractable pencil, and this is just brilliant! It has a little sharpener at the bottom which you can pull out to sharpen your tip, which then allows you to create a flawless application, perfect for creating that cat-eye flick.


As for using it on my upper lash line, it is long-lasting and smudge-proof so I know once I apply it’s gonna stay put and the colour stays true all day, doesn’t fade out like most eyeliners.
Available in 4 shades, it retails for around R150.

As I mentioned, I haven’t found another eyeliner which I liked as much as the Avon Glimmerstick, but this 1 can definitely compare.
I couldn’t notice the difference between my eyes when using both, and so I am really happy with this eyeliner.


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