Review: Dermaceutic Milk Peel


Before I begin my review. I would like to  convey a huge thankyou to Conquest, Dermaceutic, and the gorgeous Ansu Du toit, for giving me the opportunity to experience these amazing treatments. Also a big Thankyou to the entire Novi skin Team in Brooklyn. And last but not least, the Doctor who performed all my treatments and definately thee sweetest doc I have ever met..The lovely Dr Minoka Nadesan 🙂 (I hope she’s reading this) 

Dr Minoka Nadesan

I’ve only ever been for a chemical peel once before quite a while back, and Ididn’t really see any visible results nor did I find the experience pampering or helpful. So I had little to no expectations this time..
I must add, I was pleasantly surprised from the time I entered the clinic right up until I left. My expectations were highly exceeded. Keep reading to find out what treatments were done on my skin and what results were achieved with each of them 😀 

All my treatments were performed at the stunning Novi Skin clinic in Brooklyn ( , Everyone at the clinic was so warm, welcoming and friendly. Before anything, I was asked to fill out a few consent forms and was offered some coffee and macaroons😋yummy, while waiting for the doctor. I was told to remove all my makeup for the skin analysis. Dr Minoka Nadesan has an extremely professional approach yet she’s so friendly and bubbly at the same time. She informed me on each treatment that was going to be done and explained a little about each.

Novi skin Clinic Brooklyn, Pretoria. Absolutely Stunning!


I was highly impressed by the skin analysis device they use.  (Like OMG, whats next?!)
Novi skin uses VISIA, a really advanced  and hi tech facial assessment programme which takes photos of your skin then analyses it and shows surface ads subsurface skin conditions. It’s also used to track treatment progress in patients, and its all 3D powered and on-screen. So Awesome! . Dr Nadesan also explained how I can take better care of my skin in future and what treatments and products are suitable for my skin type. I found this really helpful and informative.

These were the treatments I underwent 😀 its called the Cleopatra Medical Facial. Which consists of:

Diamond Peel (microdermabrasion)
Microdermabrasion is a mild non-invasive treatment which removes the upper layer of dead skin. It has alot of benefits like improving skin texture, decreasing the appearance of fine lines and acne scarring as well as minimising pores. This felt like a little vacuum suctioning all the dirt out of my skin. I always thought microdermabrasion was a painful process, So I was quite surprised. My skin felt super smooth after this and looked renewed and clean. 

Dermaceutic Milk peel


The milk peel is a mild peel consisting of Glycolic acid, Lactic acid and Salicylic acid. It has no down time and has little to no desquamation and is suitable for all skin types. It helps with dull skin, fine lines and uneven skin tone. The peel was applied to my skin and left on for about 2-3minutes. I experienced a slight stinging sensation which is normal in all chemical peels. The Dr then applied K-ceutic which is used  post treatment to restore and promote healing. Although abit greasy, very soothing and has a lovely scent. I was given some K-ceutic as part of my post treatment care. I love it, I will definately purchase this cream. 

Skin Tightening
Laser skin tightening is a minimally invasive, non-surgical process that uses an infrared light source to tighten skin by heating the collagen under the skin’s surface, causing the skin to contract (tighten). Facial skin tightening is noticeable immediately after the treatment, and there is no downtime, making this an increasingly popular procedure. Optimal results usually require two or three treatments. It is an effective treatment for the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity. An added benefit of laser skin tightening is that it is safe and effective and can be used all over the body. A layer of glycerin was applied to my skin before using this device for conductive purposes. the device heats up slightly while being massaged on your skin. I found this treatment very pleasant and extremely relaxing. My pores seemed less visible after this treatment. 

PDT (Photo dynamic therapy)
PDT is a treatment which utilises an infrared light source. It is effective in healing the skin and is also effectively used in certain patients with skin cancer.  
My eyes were covered and protected and I was put under a device with flashing red and blue lights amd hot aor blowing on my skin, for about 15minutes.  It kind of felt like a hairdryer infront of my face lol but I found it extremely relaxing. I almost drifted off to sleep lol.

After all my treatments were done, i was advised on post peel after care and  that no makeup should be worn for the next 24hrs, with the exception of Oxygenetix foundation. My new favourite foundation. (we will be doing a review on this amazing foundation soon.. keep your eyes peeled ;)) but in short it is the only foundation that can be worn post surgery or post treatment. I was given a bottle of this foundation to take home as well as K-ceutic, Sun-ceutic and Light-ceutic all part of my post peel regimen. How awesome is that 😀 #daymade!



My skin looked so amazing and flawless after the treatments.The texture and tone was dramatically improved, my acne scars looked lighter and my skin had a lovely glow.

Its been 5 days post treatment and my skin still continues to improve further. I experienced no reactions and very little peeling. So all in all I am extremely pleased with the results I achieved from the peel.

I enjoyed my time spent at Novi skin. Dr Nadesan was amazingly sweet and made me feel so comfortable throughout. I felt like I knew her for ages as we chatted through all of the treatments. She also called to checkup on me the next day to see how my skin was doing and find out if I was experiencing any reactions after the treatment. 

I would definitely go back to the Novi skin clinic for a follow up treatment, as they provide effective treatments and exeptional service 😀 
For more info on Deramceutic and Conquest please visit: and keep in touch via Twitter

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed. 

Love n Lipgloss


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