Review: Avon 8-in 1 Eyeshadow Palettes

Hi Beauties

Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far…
Recently i was torn between purchasing the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and the Avon 8 in 1 ‘Not so Neautral’ palette.  Besides there are so many people selling the Fake Naked palettes claiming they are original. So I did not want to risk spending that much money on a cheap low quality replica. So I decided to go the Avon way, as I have been an Avon fan for a long time and I believe their products are quality and great value for money.  They had the eyeshadow palettes on special in last months brochure..Any 2 palettes for R180. Which is really worth it, I think. I purchased ‘Not so Neutral’ and ‘The Metallics’. I was disappointed with the not so neutral palette though, because the one I received is totally different looking to the one pictured in the brochure, although the colors are the same. The Metallics palette is as it looks in the brochure and is 10grms while the neutral one I got is just 6grms. I will be bringing this to their attention.

Anyway, I love all the colors in both palettes. They are quite pigmented and the looks you can create with the colors are endless. Ranging from natural to more dramatic makeup styles. I’ve swatched both the palettes and this was just 1 swipe,  so you can see they’re pretty good quality. The only downside to these palettes are the cheap sponge applicators they come with which I chucked away LOL…(do people still use those? 0_o)

Top swatches: The Metallics palette. Bottom swatches: Not so Neutral palette.

Some of the colors in the neutral palette are similar to those in Urban Decays Naked collection, So I’m pretty pleased. There are 4 matte shades and 4 shimmer shades. My faves are the gold and the copper. They’re soo gorgeous. Ive been using this palette everyday from the first day I received it, as the matte shades are perfect for daytime makeup and the shimmer ones can easily transition your makeup into stunning night time looks.
The Metallics palette on the other hand are all shimmery shades..I do love the shimmery Black in this palette as well as the blues. They look amazing and really make my brown eyes pop 😀

Overall, I think this was a great buy and real value for money. 
Great news for those who’d like to try the ‘Not so neutral’ palette as it’s on promotion in this month’s brochure as well. They’re R119.95 and if you purchase a palette you qualify to get a kohl liner for jus R29.95

This is how its pictured in the brochure, you can see its not the same as the one I have.

Anywayy..Happy Eid preps for those of you who are celebrating Eid this week lol. Im looking forward to spending time with my family and obviously all the yummies 😀 Have a wonderful week ahead.

Love & Eyeshadows


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