Clarisonic is coming to South Africa


I’d say that’s about time!
Finally this amazing little beauty cleansing gadget is brought to our shores.

So after hearing about this a few times I thought I’d share it with my readers,  since I do own 1 myself.
If you haven’t already read all about it including my review, then be sure to do so right now! Just click HERE

So back to the launch.
I got word that only 3 models will be available (for now I guess) and that is the Mia 2, Aria and Plus.

Come January 2015, it will be exclusively available at selected Stuttafords stores, prices starting at R2499 for the devices and brush heads at R399

I know I know, sounds crazy! But it works out to pretty much the same, maybe even less than if you had to buy it online and have it imported yourself.
Plus you will be saved of all the hassles and won’t have to wait a good few weeks to receive it.
Besides that, you will fall in love with it and won’t be able to live without it and it will be so worth it! 😌
If not, I’m quite sure they would also offer they 90 day money back guarantee.

Are you excited about the launch? Would you like to buy Clarisonic? Is it something that’s on your wishlist?
Let us know 😉

Have a super weekend!
-Fatima ♡


5 thoughts on “Clarisonic is coming to South Africa

  1. I recently got my clarisonic mia2 and I can’t imagine ever cleanising my fave without it now.. So glad stuttafords will be stocking it and I won’t have to wait to go overseas to replace brush heads !!


      • I hope so too.. They only sell single heads in dubai 😦 I got starlet from the Hollywood lights collection. It’s gorgeous


      • I just found out that they will only stock the single heads 😦 and they will be R400! I have a boring white 1. My heart gets sore when I see all the pretty colours. I bought because it was a holiday gift set and got an extra brush head and a full sized face wash


      • My sister got the white with a full sized Lancôme cleanser.. IThis was the same price as mine lol but I’m so glad I got the one that I wanted coz ur stuck with it for a long time.. R400 is quite expensive but we have no other choice unless we stock when we’re on holiday.. I guess eventually they will stock the four pack brush heads


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