Updated Review: Rosehip Oil

Hey guys

If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook,  you would have noticed that I recently repurchased some Soil Rosehip Oil.
I have previously written a review on it, you can read it here

So this was my 2nd purchase after using every last drop, a 100ml bottle lasted me just over 4 months and I used it twice daily.

When I wrote my first review, I had been using the oil for about a month. And now it’s been over 5 months since I started using it.
I will add that I have been using it religiously and continuously and very rarely will I skip a day of using it.

I decided to do a follow up review since I have been using it for such a long time.
Letting you guys know how it has worked and if anything changed since my last review.

So let’s begin!


I still love it! It hasn’t made me break out or made my skin worse in any way.
Scars continue to dissappear and and it has really evened out my skin tone.
New scarring is minimised and goes away really fast.

What made me so proud that I am using it was seeing Dr. Oz recommend it on his show. That guy knows what he’s talking about and I can’t sing it’s praises enough.

I have told everyone I know about this miracle oil and I feel anyone who suffers with any sort of skin problem, needs this in their skincare routine. Especially especially if you need to lighten or remove scarring.

Yes, since it is an all natural product, it will take some time to notice visible results and it might take some longer than others.
But just be patient, give it time and you will be pleased.

I suggest using this as a serum, so after cleansing (and toning) apply it to your skin whilst its still wet and let it absorb for a few minutes before applying your moisturiser.
You will notice it does absorb quite quickly and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily and greasy.

You can buy 100% pure, organic rosehip oil at your local health store or selected Dischem stores, they have recently started stocking the Soil brand. Or you can buy it online at Faithful to Nature

If you tried rosehip oil, let us know your experience with it, whether you love it or not.

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xoxo 💋 Fatima


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