Review: Oxygenetix Foundation

Hello Beautiful readers

Today we’ll be doing a joint review on a a truly amazing foundation, which we received compliments of Conquest South Africa.

It’s called Oxygenetix. And it was feautured in our August Favourites


Most of you might not have heard about it before as it is only available online and from selected skin clinics and beauty salons. 

If you want a full coverage foundation without clogging your pores and one that is actually beneficial for your skin, then keep reading if you wanna find out more 😉 This foundation could change your life…and your skin!

It’s an amazing treatment foundation and you’re sure to fall in love with it from the very first time! Just as we did 🙂
We truly adore this foundation because of the result and finish that it gives.

The Technology behind it:

Oxygenetix is a foundation which was designed by doctors, which not only provides flawless full coverage, but also helps heal and treat any skin condition that you might have.
Which makes it perfect to use post surgery or any facial treatments.

The question probably playing in mind is, why would I want to put makeup and clog or ruin my delicate, freshly treated skin, and that’s the beauty of it! It is the only, I repeat, The ONLY foundation that can be worn post treatment because its a treatment foundation and is totally breathable so it won’t clog your pores. It actually helps the healing process as it has an Aloe vera base.

The foundation contains an ingredient called Ceravitae Complex, which is proven to increase oxygen intake and thus stimulates skin cell production.

It comes in 2 ranges of colours for different undertones (blue based and yellow based)
And each comes in 6 different shades.
So a total of 12 shades, which makes it a little difficult finding your perfect match.

What I’ve really noticed when using this foundation is that once you’ve applied it, you need to give it a minute to set, amd once it sets, it literally stays all day.

I can back that up 100%. Although if you’re on the oilier side you might need to set this with a powder. But instead of powdering, with this foundation its rather advisable to just blot your face whenever you notice an oil slick coming on.

Something that the ladies from Conquest told us, and was proven after we tried out this foundation, is that the longer you wear it, the better your skin looks.

Its has a gel like consistency and isn’t runny or messy and it comes in a convenient and hygenic pump dispenser so you have control of how much product you take out. 

It gives your skin the most natural,  dewy finish and feels absolutely lovely and revitalising on the skin.

It is a luxurious, full coverage foundation that hides any skin imperfections, makes pores less visible and does not look cakey or patchy as with many other full coverage foundations.

As with anything this amazing, it definitely doesn’t come cheap! This little baby will set you back around R700-R800, but it should last you around 3 months or longer, depending on how often you use it.
In our opinion, it’s so worth it!

I’m sure we all know about having to budget.. but we would definitely save up and repurchase it. 

If you have any more questions on this, feel free to contact us via email or social media.

Alternatively you can visit Conquest at to find a retailer near you.
You can also contact them via their Facebook page or on Twitter @ConquestAoE

PS – we are now on Instagram!  Follow us @Makeupastorm

That’s all from us.

Have a great one 💋
M & F ♡


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