Review: The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost

I have fallen in love with this product ever since i first tried it.


What drew me to it was, that it promises smooth and instantly radiant skin. It’s packed with vitamin C, which is excellent for dull skin.
This is something I always look for in skincare products. Im sure everyone wants Gorgeous, healthy, glowing skin 😍 right?

At first, I thought it was like an ordinary serum, but the label says that it also makes a perfect base for makeup. 
I agree, I’d call it a primer, more so, an illuminating one.
It has a smooth silicone feel, and just glides on so effortlessly. 
It does everything that it promises, so it’s definitely a winner in my books.

It’s my go-to “pick me up” 
If my skin is looking dull or feeling dry and looking flaky and patchy, this is what I reach for.
It feels great on my skin and guarantees that my makeup will go on smoothly.

It gives your skin an instant radiance boost, which doesn’t look overly shimmery or shiny. It’s just perfect. 
And even though your makeup goes over it, it still sort of “shines through”
So you’re left with silky smooth dewy, glowing skin.


I love that, even though you’re using it as a makeup primer, you’re still reaping all the benefits of a serum. And if you use it regularly, the Vitamin C will start to work into your skin and you will see a brighter more healthier complexion.

I’ve only seen positive reviews on this product and I myself cannot find any fault in it.

It retails for around R185 and is available from The Body Shop stores or selected Clicks stores that stock TBS products. 
It comes in 30ml pump dispenser bottle, and like all TBS products, it has a simple yet attractive packaging.

This gets 2 thumbs up from me and I definately recommend it to everyone.

Love Fatima ♡


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