Favourite Blushes with Mini Reviews

Blush is an amazing product. It can give you an instant look of radiance and freshness. 

It’s one makeup item I wear most often.

I find it really adds dimension and a pop of colour to your face, and just pulls your entire look together, whether bold or natural.

My fave shades lean more on the peachy/coral side than pinks.

Because they look more natural on me.

And I also love shimmery one’s because they act as a highlight as well. So my cheeks look glowy.

My top 3 blushes atm are:


Sowin Baked Blush in Shade no. 9

I picked this up at Pick ‘n Pay (Weird and Funny I know!)
And it caught my eye because I’ve been drooling over the Milani baked blushes since forever, specifically the shade Luminoso, which is a peachy coral, shimmery blush.

If I had that 1 I’d be able to compare them but let’s just pretend they are the same 😛
The shimmer in this, can sometimes look a little chunky, so I prefer to wear it on special occasions, especially evening occasions.

Essence Be Loud Blush in Apricot

Another peachy colour.
I reach for this more often than the pink one from this collection. 
It looks matte but has a sheen to it once applied, which I love as well. Perfect for the everyday, natural look.

While it does look very orangey in the pan, when you swirl your brush over all the colours, it comes off as a lighter peach on the skin.

NYX Powder Blush in Pinched

This has a gold shimmery undertone but when applied, is subtle yet makes your skin appear dewy with that ‘lit from within’ glow. It’s perfect!  

For my skin tone, this blush looks like my natural flush, slightly pink but with peachy undertones. 

I think this would look great on a wide variety of skin tones and undertones and is definitely my favourite blush of all time.
It’s creamy, applies and blends like a dream. Looking forward to buying more NYX blushes, get bang for your buck!

Wjat are your favourite blushes and why?
Drop a comment, we love feedback!  💋

Love Fatima ♡ xxx


3 thoughts on “Favourite Blushes with Mini Reviews

  1. I love the cream stick blush from topshop, they have two shades I use the peachy one.. I don’t know why but I barely use powder blushes, my fav powder blush is Mac Peaches, I also lean more to the peachy pinks it looks better on my skin tone.. I love these kinds of blog posts hope you do like a fav foundation one soon 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • I got it from topshop in gateway, I bought it for the first time when I tried it I loved it so I bought a few more, I haven’t been to the store lately so I’m not sure if they still keep it, I really hope they do coz I’m on my last one atm lol!!! Try the mac peaches or the peachy-keen blushes they’re both beautiful


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