Battle of the Setting Sprays – MAC vs Avon

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Below is a short review on each and then a comparison between the 2.

Let’s start with MAC Fix +

This doesn’t need any introduction or explanation because, this has got to be 1 of MAC’s best sellers
This is such a versatile product!

▪ You can use it to obviously set your makeup in place, at the same time it settles any powdery residue left on your skin and gives a more dewy finish. However it doesn’t make your makeup last longer or anything.

▪ Intensify the pigmentation of any product (eyeshadow, blusher, highlighter etc etc)
So just dampen your brush with this and then dip in your product. Perfect for loose pigments, foil or metalic eyeshadows. 

▪And my fave way to use it is to spritz some on my foundation brush before buffing it in. It sheers it out ever so slightly but allows your foundation to just stick to your skin and set in place, at the same time giving off a more natural, skin-like look and feel to it.

It is perfect to keep in your handbag to refresh your skin/makeup when you’re on the go and especially in this heat, it has a refreshing pleasant scent. The  spritzer can lock so it doesn’t accidently spray, but I’d recommend getting the travel sized 1 for your handbag. 

I cant say enough on how good this product is. There are loads of reviews on the internet and YouTube so if you want more info and different opinions, you can check them out.
The full size retails for R210 and the travel size at R130 and you can purchase it online or at any MAC store or counter.

Next up…. Avon Makeup Setting Spray

Now they both work quite similarly and I’m sure you can use it them both in the same way, as mentioned above. But I’ll be honest and say that I have only used this as a setting spray and here’s why…

It doesn’t give that smooth “glide-on” feel like MAC Fix + does.
After spritzing this all over your face, as it dries, you can actually feel it locking your makeup in place.
It doesn’t exactly give a dewy finish but works in the same way as Fix + does, by settling any excess powder.

I do find it increasing the longevity of my makeup and also minimizes it settling into those pesky smile lines!

This retails for R179 but you can pick it up for as little as R89 when on special.
(you can order it from an Avon Representative)

I honestly can’t choose between the 2 because I love them both and they are both so different in their own way and I use them differently as well.

I often use them both in a single makeup application (Fix + on my foundation brush and Avon to set my makeup, and this is my favourite way to use them)

However sometimes I do use the Fix + to set my makeup as well.

Personally I find the Avon spritzer better than the Fix +, which can spray out “blobs” in some areas, whereas the Avon 1 has a very fine mist spray and is always even, which has proven to be less wasteful, thus lasting you longer! 

If you’re on a budget or just starting out with makeup, definitely get the Avon 1, super affordable and absolutely worth it, and you really wouldn’t need another setting spray

Have you tried any of these 2 sprays? What do you think about them and how do you use it?
What are some of your other favourite setting sprays? Would love to try out something new!
Drop us a comment 😉

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