My Switch Over to 100% Natural Skincare

Hey guys

I’ve been really excited to share this with all of you, because this has literally changed my life and my skin.

I recently made a switch to using ALL Natural skincare products!

If you’ve seen my 1st skincare routine that I posted, you would notice that there was pretty much only 1 or 2 natural products that I used.

Now, I suffer from congested skin/comedones and blackheads. 
I also get the occasional breakout, but that doesn’t bother me as much as the congestion does. 

It has been my major skin concern for roughly the past 4 years. When I say nothing, I mean literally nothing ever completely got rid of them.

I have used a few products which have helped minimized it but they just seem to come back over and over again!

Before I move on, if you don’t know what skin congestion/comedones are, basically they are blocked pores which are just tiny bumps all over your skin and they won’t go away unless you extract them (like a blackhead) 
I also suffered from blackheads on my nose.

So as I mentioned that my comedones would stay, unless I extracted them. I will admit, sometimes I would pinch them out. I know, I know….

But it’s a vicious cycle, they would just keep coming back.

I’ve tried loads of products, with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, enzymes, exfoliators, scrubs, masks… you name it
I had even cut out using any oils and certain moisturisers
But nothing really worked!

So after watching some YouTube videos and doing some research and searching for a cure online (for the 100th time) 
I came across a lovely lady who had talked about using all natural products and how her skin had changed. She also suffered from the same problem as me.

So I decided to make the change, but what would I use? The products she had mentioned aren’t available in South Africa. So I started looking into similar products.

This is how it all came about…

One fine day, I was paging through an old magazine and came across an advert for Liya.Ry products

LiyaRy Moroccan Hammam Collection

I was intrigued so I visited the website to see more of what it was about. 

Let me share a little about these products.. Basically their aim is to bring the best natural beauty products from around the world to South Africa.

(I don’t want to go into this too much at this time because I will have full reviews up soon)

I browsed through all the products they had and decided to 1st research some more about them and have a look at some reviews online about similar products and their effectiveness.

I was sold…I wanted to try all their products. (I have posted a picture on Instagram of my box of goodies I purchased from Liya.Ry) Follow us @Makeupastorm

This specific range is called the Moroccan Hammam Collection and is a cleansing ritual that the Moroccans do every so often, Hence Morrocan women have such beautiful skin. 

It involves massaging in a cleanser called Beldi black soap into the skin, then using an exfoliating glove, to remove all the dead skin cells from the entire body and face.

LiyaRy Moroccan Beldi Black soap

Then applying the Rhassoul clay mask (mixed with water to make a paste) which pulls out all dirt and bacteria trapped in your pores.

LiyaRy Moroccan Rhassoul Clay

And lastly finishing it all off by massaging some Argan Oil also known as liquid gold, to moisturise. This leaves your skin softer, smoother and brighter.

LiyaRy Moroccan Argan Oil

The range also consists of a whitening sugar scrub which contains 3 oils and diamond dust which polish the skin leaving it glowing! (You’ll see what I mean once you try this for yourself!)

LiyaRy 3 Oil Whitening Sugar Scrub

**(It doesn’t instantly lighten your complexion,  however I do believe it brightens it up immediately)**

So for the past month, I’ve been using the entire Hammam collection on my face and I have got to say, nothing else has ever given me such significant results!

As with any other skin products, My skin wasn’t absolutely perfect after 1 use but I could definitely see a huge improvement. My skin had a glow to it and looked healthy.

So I continued using all these products (The Beldi Black Soap, 3 Oil Sugar scrub, Rhassoul clay mask and Argan oil)

The 1st week I had only seen good changes in my skin. But after a while, I started breaking out. A new pimple every day. 
Not like full blown acne, but I wasn’t used to getting so many spots. However, I figured that this was just a purging phase, which is normal when using new products, especially natural stuff and it was just clearing my skin out.

This wasn’t planned but one day when I was at Dischem, I was browsing the isles and my eye caught a bottle of something called Colloidal silver. 

I remembered that I had read up about how great it is for skin and overall health. I also found an Acne Pack which consisted of a bottle of colloidal silver, a colloidal silver glycerin soap with lavender and tea tree and an organic skin soother (also contains colloidal silver) so I decided to give it a shot.

**I did stop using the glycerin soap after a few days because it was drying my skin out a little bit)

After a few days passed, I was so glad I decided to stick to my regimen and pull through because the breakouts stopped completely. 

The best thing is that the comedones have not returned. I had extracted the existing 1s but haven’t gotten any more after that. And I do believe its because of my regimen.

About a week back, I had spoken to a skincare specialist and enquired about comedones and about the condition of my skin.
She advised to stay away from products containing Lanolin, Mineral oil and Artificial Colourants.
Which thankfully, none of what I am using contain any of these.

Making the switch over to all natural products is the best decision I ever made and I’m not looking back.
My skin continues to improve day after day.

I have also incorporated some Frankincense Essential Oil, and all I do is just add a drop into a few drops of Argan Oil.
*I know this sounds like a whole lot of products, but bear in mind they are all natural and aren’t as harsh as products that contain chemicals and other ingredients that do more harm than good*

● I suggest Google searching reviews on the products that I mentioned to see exactly why I decided to try them out and just to read up on their uses and benefits. 

● Also feel free to email me at should you have any further questions about any of the products mentioned.

I must add I still keep in touch with one of the Liya.Ry sales consultants and she is so helpful, friendly..such a sweetie!

If you would like to purchase Liya.Ry products then you can visit their website here

You will also find more info on their brands, more info on the individual products as well as contact details.

As mentioned, full reviews will be up soon with more detail on the products and also an updated skincare routine so you guys can see how I use the products.

-Please do speak to someone from the Liya.Ry team or email us if you would like to know which products would be best suited for your skin type/condition, we would love to help if we can.

Drop us a comment, we love to hear from you guys.

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Much Love
Fatima ♡ xxx

All of the mentioned products were purchased with my own money and this post is in no way sponsored.

All photos of the individual products taken from the Liya.Ry website.

Each and every person’s skin is different, what works for one won’t necessarily work for everyone, I am in no way guaranteeing that these products will work as well for everyone else as it worked for me.


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