February Favourites – Skincare

Happy Wednesday ya’ll!

Hope you guys are having an awesome week, just 2 more days until Friday 😉

So yesterday I uploaded my Feb Makeup faves and today I will be sharing my Skincare faves

February Favourites – Skincare

When taking the pics I realised that I could just as well be uploading my skincare routine because this is all I’ve been using all month!

If you’ve seen my post on switching over to an all natural skincare regimen then you will know why I’ve been loving all of these products. If you haven’t, go check it out right now! 

Let’s get into it!

LiyaRy Authentic Beldi Black Soap
Now this is not yoir typical bar of soap.
Far from it actually,  it’s a thick gooey like substance which is made of olive oil, ground olives and a hint of eucalyptus oil.
It cleanses my skin without leaving it dry or tight, but actually feeling so smooth and soft.
Paired with the exfoliating glove, this will loosen up dead skin cells and impurities,  allowing the glove to gently and easily wipe off.
It’s also gentle enough to use daily.

LiyaRy Moroccan Rhassoul Clay
Without a doubt, this is now my favourite face mask, Holy Grail status.
I’ve already repurchased. 
Can be mixed with any liquid actually to suit your skin type. Mine being Raw Apple Cider vinegar. 
I first add water to it to form a thick paste and then add some ACV to make the consistency easier to apply.
The smell is offensive,  I won’t lie, but after a few uses I actually got used to it.
You can actually feel it working, I like leaving it to dry because as it does get harder it tightens and increases blood flow to your face, which is beneficial for your skin.

LiyaRy 3 Oill Sugar scrub
Now this is something unlike anything I’ve ever used before.
It’s quite amazing! 
It’s not like your typical sugar scrub, and when I 1st used it I was blown away, Honestly! 
It smells divine! But what makes it unique is that it looks like a normal sugar scrub, but once you apply it to your skin and start massaging it in, it starts to foam up. How they managed to achieve that is beyond me.
But more than that, as you’re scrubbing away, the sugar starts to melt away and you’re left with tiny bit of ground apricot seed. Which makes it extremely gentle.
It also contains diamond dust which instantly gives your skin “a glowing from within” look.

LiyaRy Moroccan Argan Oil
There really isn’t much to say about this, there’s enough info about it all over the internet and YouTube. 
But let me just say that it is thee best moisturiser/serum for all skin types, great for acne prone skin, aging skin, dry skin, oily/combo skin, yeah basically everyone!

Frankincense Essential Oil
I think this is the highlight of my routine.
Ever since I’ve introduced this into my routine, I’ve seen major improvements. 
I love using it as a spot treatment when I get breakouts and it vanishes! No scarleft behind. It also works great on existing scars and I can definitely see they are much lighter.
I noticed it has also shrunken my pores, and evened out my skintone a little.

I’ve also mixed some in with coconut oil and rubbed it on areas where I have stretchmarks, and also used it (externally) on myself and my daughter after we recovered from the flu and were left with wheezing coughs, I actually do have asthma and this works its magic within minutes to calm the coughing and loosen the mucus.

*Will let you guys know if it improves my stretchmarks*

Bio Sil Skin Soother
Last but not least, this skin soother containing Colloidal silver has been amazing. 
I also use colloidal silver in a spray bootle as a toner (not pictured because I threw the bottle away)
This works great for breakouts and might be what’s preventing them from appearing since it kills bacteria.
The Skin soother is also organic and is such a great moisturiser to use under makeup.
It can also be used on any skin condition and I have used it on my daughter when she had a bit of a rash and it cleared it up so fast!
It’s like a miracle worker, definitely a must have.

So sorry if this post is super long and you’re bored by time you reach half way, but I could have made it longer, Trust me!

Anyhoo, hope you guys enjoyed it. 
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And drop us a comment, what were your fave skincare finds in the month of February? 
We appreciate your feedback and support

Fatima ♡

XOXO Makeup a Storm


5 thoughts on “February Favourites – Skincare

    • You made my night 😄 thanks for your comment!
      I mix it with coconut oil, no specific ratio and you can use any any carrier/base oil.
      Rub on chest, neck and back.
      Really calms you down and great if you have trouble falling asleep too!

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  1. Hey Fatima, found you on Luzanne’s blogs. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your blog (from a fellow SA blogger). Seems like your on the right track to a successful future 🙂 Keep doing what you love!


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