Tip Tuesday: How to Remove Eye Makeup

Greeting beautiful readers 👋

I was thinking it would be a good idea to start a series called Tip Tuesday.
So every Tuesday I will share a tip/beauty hack which I find to be really handy.
Please feel free to leave a comment below telling us your tips on the subject.

So today I will be sharing a way in which you can remove eye makeup super easily. Especially that waterproof mascara.

How to remove eye makeup

I have tried several methods to remove my eye makeup and this just works the best. It’s also super inexpensive and you probably already have it in your home.

And it’s none other than oil.
Now you can use coconut oil or olive oil or even grapeseed oil and almond oil.

I personally chose to use olive oil.
And all you need to do is take a small amount on your fingertips and then start to gently massage it over your eyes, the best part is that it will not sting your eyes so you can get right in there!
As you’re massaging, all the makeup will start to break down and melt.
Next just take a tissue or cotton pad and wipe away.

Now you’re left with not only squeaky clean eyes but the entire eye area and including your lashes will feel soft and moisturised.

Using this method is not going to strip the delicate area around your eyes of moisture and neither will it be harmful for your eyes by burning and stinging them. And it removes absolutely EVERYTHING, even waterproof mascara and eyelash glue!

However I must warn that your vision will be quite blurry until you remove all the oil.

You can also use this method to remove the rest of your makeup from your face, if you like and you find it works for you. But I personally do not.

Hope this has been useful to some of you. As mentioned, please do drop us a comment and let us know how you remove your makeup/eye makeup and why you love it.

Thank you for reading! 🙂
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Love Fatima ♡

XOXO Makeup a Storm


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