Our 1st Anniversary Giveaway!!!

So as you guys know, and well if you didn’t then now you do 😛 

We celebrated our blogs 1st birthday on Monday 27 April.

It’s been an amazing experience and we love what we do.

I gotta admit, starting the blog has made our makeup obsession even bigger!

But that’s not such a bad thing, is it?

Anyhoo, as promised, we are having a giveaway. And we have not 1 but 2 beauty hampers up for grabs.

The competition will run from May 2 – May 21 and the winner will be announced and contacted by 23 May

How to enter:

1. Make sure you are subscribed to our blog, so find the subscription box below and enter your email address.

2. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

3. Follow @cosmetix_sa on Instagram, @Essence_za on Twitter and the Essence South Africa page on Facebook

4. After you have followed us on the above mentioned platforms, comment below with your full name, email address and FB, Twitter and IG usernames (each entry will be verified)

5.1 Lastly, for the Makeup Hamper –  you will need to post a picture  of youreself rocking a makeup look. Be creative, go ALL out! We will then choose the 1 we like best. 

5.2 And for the Skincare Hamper – You will need to share our giveaway pic and tell us what your best kept beauty secret is. 

Most importantly,  don’t forget to tag us @Makeupastorm and hashtag #makeupastormgiveaway and #cosmetix_sa

This is crucial as this will allow us to find and count your entry.

Remember all entries will be validated and if any steps are missed out, your entry will be void.

Now for the fun part! 

Here are the pictures of the awesome gift hampers.
1st is the makeup goodie bag.

Makeup Goodie bag -Makeupastorm Giveaway

Some of the Essence items were kindly sponsored by Cosmetix. You will receive a lovely pink and black cosmetic bag, and included in it is
A Cala Blending brush, a Blush/Contour kit from LA Colours, 2 Nude eyeshadows from Essence, 2 mascaras from Essence,  2 Nude Lipsticks from Essence, a Base coat, Gel nail polish and a Top coat from Essence, a Nude Lipgloss from Essence, a Lipliner and Eyeliner from LA Girl cosmetics and a cute little heart mirror compact.

And here is the skincare hamper.

Skincare Hamper - Makeupastorm Giveaway

Kindly sponsored by Liya.Ry

Included in the pack is a Beldi Balck soap, a 3 oil Sugar Scrub, a Rhassoul clay mask and and a hand wash and shower gel, both infused with argan oil.

For more info on their products and if you would like to order from them, be sure to check out their website on at liyary.weebly.com

I’d like to thank Cosmetix and Liya.Ry for their contribution to our giveaway. I’m sure the winners are gonna be ecstatic!

Good luck everyone! 

F & M ♡

XOXO Makeup a Storm


5 thoughts on “Our 1st Anniversary Giveaway!!!

  1. Happy birthday to your blog! Time flies so fast.
    Following you on all platforms (FB – Lizna Erkelens, twitter @piecesinpink IG: @piecesinpink) and I entered for the skincare hamper, shared your giveaway picture on facebook and left a comment with my skincare secret


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