DIY Skin Clearing Toner

Wow! I honestly can’t believe that half of Ramadhaan is already over. Oh and Happy July!

I did a series of posts in the past where I broke down each step in a skincare routine and explained the need for it and how it helps your skin etc etc, if yòu wanna read more about that, here’s the links:
Setp 1: Cleansing
Step 2: Toner
Step 3: Exfoliation and Masks
Step 4: Serum and Moisturiser

I thought I’d do a little DIY post coz this has been working amazingly on my skin.
You only need 3 ingredients! 
• Colloidal silver or Distilled water
• Tea Tree oil 
• Glycerin


If you follow our blog or read our posts regularly, I’m sure you would have picked up that I’m really into the natural approach when it comes to skincare.
At 1 point I had only used 100% natural products but have since incorporated some other products which are not 100% natural but lean more towards natural than artificial/chemical.

You might have also picked up on my skin type. Incase you forgot or don’t know, let me share that with you again.
I suffer from something called “comedones”
Basically they are clogged pores. Dirt and oil get trapped in my pores, creating little bumps all over my skin and the only way to remove them is to extract.
But, sadly, they do return,  it’s a vicious cycle!
I’ve noticed that when I was using more chemical types of skincare products my skin was at its worst. 
I’d have loads of comedones and they’d come back faster than I anticipated. 

Thankfully they aren’t that noticeable, unless you be all up in my face Lol

So I had stopped using all other harsh toners and settled for straight up Colloidal silver. 
This is basically water charged with silver, making it high in minerals and giving it anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties. 
I used to just spritz this over my face after cleansing. 
I noticed it helped significantly at keeping breakouts at bay.
On 2 occasions,  I ran out and only managed to pick up some more after a few days, and both times broke out.
After using it again, no problems. Just clear skin

So since the cold has come in, naturally, everyones skin does tend to dry out. Most acne fighting products are your enemies coz then you’re left with dry, red and irritated skin.

Tea Tree oil is known to be the natural alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide. It has the same effect on the skin, just in natural form and tends to work at a slower rate.

I once used BP for my skin condition and hated it. It bleached everything 
and dried out my skin so badly. I couldn’t stand using it for longer than a week.

On the other hand, tea tree has been a wonderful addition to my skincare routine. It has made such a big difference. We will do an entire post/ review on that soon though.

The combination of the water/colloidal silver,  tea tree oil and glycerin help to removed excess oil or residue, provide your skin with its amazing properties, killing bacteria and the glycerin really helps to retain moisture.
You only need a few drops each of tea tree and glycerin. 
Play around with it and see what works for you.
I’ve used both distilled water and colloidal silver and both work great, however with colloidal silver, you will need to make fresh batches each week just so that the colloidal silver doesn’t lose it’s properties. 
Whereas with the distilled water, it will last you longer.

I can honestly say that this has really worked for me and keeps my skin comedone free because I have never seen my skin so smooth and clear. 

You can either put some on a cotton pad and swipe it all over your face or put it in a spray bottle and spritz it directly on to your face giving it a minute to absorb before applying your serums or creams.

It feels absolutely refreshing and I’d say would make an excellent facial mist for the summer.

Have any of you tried tea tree oil? What are your thoughts on it and how did you incorporate it into your skincare routine?

Let us know 🙂 drop a comment,  we’d love to know what other essential oils you use to keep your skin clear and healthy 😉

XOXO Makeup a Storm


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