Eid Shopping Guide

I decided I’d do something a little different on the blog.

With Eid coming up, everyone has probably started shopping around for something to wear, different ways to drape the hijab and accessories. 

So I thought I’d compile a post to give some of you some direction. 

I’ve found some awesome online stores that ship all over South Africa and have thee most gorgeous accessories that will take even the simplest of outfits to super glam!

I will also add in some hijab tutorial pictures just for some inspiration. 

These are all on Instagram, so be sure to give us a follow @makeupastorm
This post will be up on our account so it will be easier for you just to click on the usernames and open their profiles, you can browse through their pics and if you see anything you like, then go ahead and contact them directly to order 😀



Accessories, Bags and Shoes

@skh_sa (arabic tatoos)



Now for some hijaab styling tips

Check out the following people on YouTube

Hijabs by Hanan
Dino Tokio
Muslim Queens
Ruba Zai
Saman Munir

Or just search for hijab tutorials and see what catches your eye!

Here are some pics for inspiration








Look at how a simple piece of jewellery can make such a huge difference.
I think it looks absolutely stunning!
You can even use a necklace that you already have or find a head piece from one of the above mentioned stores.

Happy Shopping! ♡♡♡

We’d love to see you guys eid looks and makeup looks. Tag us if you do decide to upload pics 😄

XOXO Makeup a Storm


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