Review: LiyaRy Moroccan Rhassoul Clay

Hello Beautiful readers ♡

It’s been a while hey!

Today, I’m super excited to write this review as this product is literally my favourite mask EVER!
Seriously, if I had to choose just 1 mask to use for the rest of my life, this would be it!

It’s none other than the LiyaRy Rhassoul Clay
There are probably other brands out there, but i haven’t yet come across any selling it in South Africa. 

This mask has been amazing at keeping my skin clear and looking healthy.

Whenever I feel my skin needs a “pick me up” I reach for this.

Typically clay masks are used for oilier and acne prone skin but, even though my skin is more on the dry side, I still have acne and comedone prone skin.

This doesn’t only help in clearing the skin but has many other benefits, which I’ve listed below…
Since you’re getting it in it’s natural form, you can customise it to suit your skin or needs at the time you’re making it.

As this mask dries, it tightens on the skin causing an increase in blood flow to your face which will leave you with a noticeable healthy glow.
I have used this regularly and quite often when I first got it. At that time my skin wasn’t doing too well.
This mask, along with the rest of the Hammam Collection, rescued my skin and I will never turn back.

I don’t use it as frequently now unless I have a big day ahead or if my skin feels or looks congested. 
I usually mix mine up with water and then add a dash of apple cider vinegar to it.
It might smell a little unpleasant, but it works great for my skin!
I’ve read a lot of people using rose water to mix it (the good stuff and not synthetic rose water)
Rose water will be excellent for dry and mature skin.
I’ve also added in some oils and essential oils a few times (argan oil is great for dry/dehydrated skin)

You can pretty much use any liquid to make this mask. My base is always water and then I add in whatever,  depending on my skin needs at the time. 
The best part is that it really doesn’t dry out your skin like some clay masks can.

You can also use it daily, as a mask or a cleanser.  You can also use this as a hair cleanser or mask. Just make sure it doesn’t dry and get hard as it will be difficult to wash off and might damage your hair.
PS – I haven’t actually tried it in my hair but read great reviews on it.
I seriously recommend this to everyone to use it just before getting ready for a special event or function and your skin is guaranteed to glow! 
You will see results from the very 1st application.

Some other benefits include:
▪Improves skin texture
▪Improves skin tone
▪Improves skin elasticity and firms skin
▪Absorbs excess oils and unclogs pores
▪Decreases dryness and flakiness on skin
▪Detoxifies skin and exfoliates

To purchase or read more about the amazing Liya.Ry products, visit their site at

Much Love M & F xxx ♡

XOXO Makeup a Storm


One thought on “Review: LiyaRy Moroccan Rhassoul Clay

  1. Hi …thank you so much for such an informative blog. I have tried out some of the products that you have spoken about…amazzing thank you soo much. I have tried to order this clay mask I have emailed the siad address still 2 weeks no response . Do you perhaps have their contact details . ?
    Kameshnee jhb


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