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Yllume Skincare - Red Cherry Cosmetics South Africa

Yllume (pronounced eeloom), was launched in 2010. It is a skincare brand that offers skin brightening that claims to work from the ‘inside and out’. Thanks to Red Cherry Cosmetics, I had the opportunity to test this brand out. And I’m so excited to share my experience with those of you who, like me, struggle to find a good skincare regimen and have been through, what seems like, thousands of products, to no avail!

Yllume products are using the breakthrough ingredient ‘Colourless Carotenoids’ which are derived from naturally grown white tomatoes. YES Tomatoes Lol. This skincare line is good for those who have signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, rosacea, acne, melasma and dry skin. Yllume is able to address these issues via a unique approach as never done before, delivering unique lightening actives both topically and internally. They also claim that its effects are noticeable within 28 days (based on clinical trials), but honestly I noticed a dramatic change after the first use and by the end of the week my skin was glowing!
I can only imagine what the results would have been like if I had used the supplement with it as well.

So here are my reviews on the products I’ve tried and my thoughts and experiences with it.

Cleanser – I was thrilled to see that this cleanser doesn’t contain any Parabens, mineral oils or artificial colours or fragrance.
You see, I have a funny type of skin, sometimes it’s super sensitive so I cant simply use anything on my skin without experiencing a reaction whilst other times not. My skin is also combination and acne prone.
I must admit, I didnt really expect to be blown away by a cleanser. I’ve used many cleansers before, from high end salon brands to dermatologist recommendations and the usual cleansers you would find at your pharmacy or grocery store and I’ve never found “THE ONE”.
This cleanser is perfect! Although I wish the price tag wasn’t so high 😑 that’s the only downside about this range.
Moving on… The texture is so luxurious. It looks like a simple cream cleanser, but once applied onto a damp face it changes into a mousse like texture that feels so pampering. The first time I used it, after rinsing off, my face was left squeaky clean yet didn’t feel tight or dry, but rather smooth and supple.
After just one use my skin looked noticeably brighter and felt smoother.

Mask –  I have only used the mask twice. On both occasions after cleansing and dermarolling my face (to increase absorption and effectiveness of products)
The mask is a cream consistency and the claims are: Instantly smoother skin, Brightens and Replenishes skins radiance, Reduces hyperpigmentation, Evens skin tone. Polishes skin. And also is equivalent to 4% of hyroquinine. WOW!
So I smoothed on the mask, left it for around half an hour (I always leave some masks longer than directed on the package because I feel it will work better lol) and then tissued off. The redness as a result from dermarolling had even disappeared and my skin looked renewed and more even. Definitely lived up to it’s claims.

Now for my fave, I enjoyed using this product the most from the 3.

Moisturiser – The scent of this is sooo divine, kinda smells like rose syrup.
It claims to Enrich and restore skins moisture, reduces hyper pigmentation, evens skin tone, regenerates dull or dry skin and soothes sun damaged skin.
It is also free from mineral oils and parabens.

I noticed it has abit of a shimmer in it which gave my skin an instant radiance. I loved applying this moisturiser before bed as well as before applying my makeup. It isn’t greasy or heavy and definitely made my skin look renewed and healthy. I’m so glad I did not have any reactions to any of these products, no break outs or irritations.  Super impressed!

All in all, I think these products are definitely worth the price tag because of its efficacy. Although I do wish they were just a little more affordable.

After just few uses, of the cleanser, mask and moisturiser. I had seen an amazing difference in my skins tone and clarity. My skin actually looked like I had been for a pampering facial at a spa. I can just imagine the results that can be achieved by using these products on a regular or daily basis along with the skin supplement.


You can purchase Yllume from their website or from any one of their stockists
Here are the retail prices:
Cleanser: R649
Tonic Mist: R549
Mask: R799
Moisturiser: R899
Supplement: R1599
You can also purchase a starter kit for R2499 which consists of the cleanser, tonic mist and supplement.

So if you usually spend that much on your current skin care, then why not give this range a try. For those of us that are on a budget, I have alternative skin care product reviews coming soon.
Or have a look at our reviews on the LiyaRy Moroccan Hammam Collection, which we love.

Feel free to visit the Red Cherry Cosmetics website for more info on all their products and their active ingredients, how they work etc.

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