August 2015 Favourites

Hey guys!
As promised, here is my fabourites post.
Some stuff I’ve been loving throughout the months of July and August.

August 2015 Beauty Favourites

1st up is the ▪Golden Rose Terracotta Powder in 05
I absolutely love this!
I use the lighter shade as a highlighter, I dust some on my cheekbones and then lightly over the entire undrr eye area.
A little trick I learned from Jaclyn Hill(my fave Youtuber Everrrr!) she however uses the Hourglass Ambient Light powders.
It looks so amazing and glowy!
You need to use a a powder without any shimmer or glitter but has a sheen or glow to it. And this is exactly why I love this powder.

▪L’Oréal True Match Foundation
I’ve mixed this 1 with yellow. I mostly use it to lighten and add more foundations which I have that are darker and not as yellow in undertone.
Works great!
On its own it isn’t a perfect match so I rarely use it that way.

▪Garnier BB Cream for eyes
This is something I bought months ago but honestly haven’t used it much but I recently discovered it and gave it another go.
I fell inlove and can’t understand why I didn’t like it initially.
It has a very peachy tone which is great for correcting dark circles.
Its super light in texture but still has coverage.
I’ve also worn it on makeup -free days and it blends in si well you can’t tell I’m actually wearing any makeup.

▪Pure Cream
This is a repurchase and I’ve been using it for a few months actually.
I was looking fir a great moisturiser to hydrate my dry winter skin, someth5that wouldn’t clog my pores and also affordable, Cetaphil was 1st option but then I saw this and decided to give it a try.
So glad I did. This is a lot thicker in consistency than the Cetaphil Lotion I’ve used before, its super hydrating but isn’t heavy or greasy. Absorbs really fast too and perfect to use before makeup application

▪Lavender Oil
I used to use this ia my babys bath water when she was smaller.
It got lost and I recently found it when cleaning out my drawers.
I know how good it is for skin so I’ve started adding just a drop into the pure cream when I apply it.
My face just feels and looks better.
Lavender oil has great anti-aging properties and is awesome for redness and breakouts.
Will definitely continue using it.
It’s so soothing to use before bed, recommend it if you have troubling winding down or falling asleep.
PS, As you can see I love essential oils, more so, the Dischem brand, exceptional value for money!

▪Avon Makeup Setting Spray
No need for me to go into details, I have a post up on the bettle between the setting sprays, check it out here
All the info you need to know about this is in that post.
But I included it in here because it has been a staple in my makwup routine and I’ve just repurchased another bottle.
I love it so much!

That’s all for my favourites.
Let me know if you’ve had any new favourites this month and if you’ve tried any of mine 🙂

Have an awesome weekend guys!

Hugs & Kisses
F ♡

XOXO Makeup a Storm


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