October 2015 Favourites

Hey guys!

I seriously can’t believe the year is almost over! It’s scary how time has flown by wow!

Lol the only reason my favourites post is up in time is coz I’ve been taking part in the #lipglosskissesparty photo challenge on Instagram
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Anyway, without any delay, here are my October Favourites

October Beauty Favourites 2015 - Makeupastorm Beauty Blog South Africa

Oh so Heavenly Lip Balm

These look so much like the EOS balms, it’s amazing. 
But they are quite different as well.
I don’t wanna compare them too much but I find the OSH one a lot smoother on application. 

I have the flavour Vanilla Cupcake and omw it smells devine! 
I’m gonna pick up the other 2 flavours as soon as I find them! Seems like everyone is gaga over these.
Really hope they come out with tons of more flavours!

LA Girl Beauty Brick in Glow 

I am yet to be disappointed by an LA Girl product.

I am sooo glad Dischem actually brought these to SA. And actually so surprised so soon after they launched in the states. Needless to say, I’m sure they are happy about that as well.

They’ve been flying off the shelves.
Not only are they realllly affordable, but the quality is exceptional. Well done LA Girl! 

I have 2 of the face beauty bricks but I’ve gravitated more to this 1 just because I normally do prefer peachy coloured blushes over pinks.

And although I’m not a bronzer kinda girl, I’ve been using this coz it’s subtle but still warms up the face beautifully 
I’m not a huge fan of the highlighter coz its too white n seems chalky for me so I don’t really use it. 

Which doesn’t matter since you’re still getting your moneys worth from the rest of the palette 

Kryolan Supracolor Foundation 

I’m sure you guys have seen me rave about this, we’ve also feautured it in our top favourite foundations post before.

It is a full coverage cream foundation but it isn’t dry or matte. In fact, I wouldn’t really suggest this for people with oily skin. It’s quite dewy.

I’ve actually rediscovered it, since I have a new found obsession with foundations, I’m trying out a lot of news 1s and have found some that I have been enjoying so this kinda got pushed in the back and was forgotten about.

Until 1 day I remembered I had it and trued it again and the entire day I kept glancing at myself in the mirror and admiring how great my makeup looked!

It smoothed over my textured skin, so my skin looked alot smoother and well flawless to be honest.
Since then I’ve just been going back and I think I need to get another 1!

It’s also great to use as a concealer coz its not very heavy yet offers AMAZING coverage and doesn’t settle in your fine lines.

I got the small size and it was around R70 which is crazy! Since its so pigmented and a little goes a long way!
I also like mixing it in with some moisturiser for a good tinted moisturiser 

The Body Shop – Oils of Life Intensely Vitalising Cream and Facial Oil

I absolutely love this range.
These are the only 2 products from the range that I’ve tried so far but I’m going back for more! 

The scent of it is really unique, it has a very “natural” and warm scent. Almost therapeutic, I kinda just soak it up as I’m applying.
As for results, I can definitely notice that my skin is a lot softer and smoother. It looks smoother and more radiant. There’s like a healthy glow that no highlighter in the world can give.

I have been really impressed with The Body Shop skincare products and next on my list is their makeup!

Last but not least…

Avène Eau Thermale Very High Protection Emulsion

I wasn’t expecting to love this so much. Honestly, facial sunscreens kinda just put me off coz of past bad experiences.

I don’t mean to name shame but the Cetaphil SPF 50 sunscreen didn’t really work for me. I found it way too greasy and heavy.

So when I saw this was also SPF 50, I expected it to be very similar to the Cetaphil one.
But I was blown away.
I actually love using it as a primer over moisturiser and under foundation. 
It is not greasy or heavy AT ALL! 
It kinda just sinks into the skin and sets immediately. And there isn’t that white cast left behind.

I do however just apply a thin layer.
It’s super awesome for people with sensitive skin. It hasn’t clogged my pores or irritated my skin in the least.

Love love love!
Perfect for the summer

Have you guys tried any of these products? 
What were your favourites this month? 
Let us know, we love hearing from you 🙂

Much Love xxx
Fatima ♡

XOXO Makeup a Storm


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