January/February 2016 Favorites 

Hello my beauties ❤️So we didn’t end up doing a January Favourites and I thought I’d combine these last 2 months as 1, I’ll be honest and say I haven’t bought many new products or even tried many new stuff, just kinda rediscovered older products I already had.



So I’ll start off with my latest obsession. I haven’t been using black eyeliner in my waterline the past 2 weeks or so, I’ve been going for a softer look and for that I’ve been using the Avon Glimmerstick In Brown Sugar

It’s a bronzey brown shade and has shimmer in it, although the shimmer doesn’t really show up.

It’s just lightly defines the eye without being too intense as a black liner would.
And to add some extra definition to my eyes I’ve been lining my upper lashe line with a deep brown or black powder/shadow.

I’ve just recently rediscovered this Essence Smokey Eyes set in 02 Smokey Day

And I’ve been using the darkest brown shade to line my lash line.

All the shades in this trio are sooo soft, pigmented and super blendable 😍 I often use the light highlight shade on my brown bone and inner corner as well.
Then I just curl my lashes and bam!

The entire look is very natural with a subtle glam.

Maybelline Baby Skin primer and NYX Angel Veil Primer

These next 2 are also not recent purchases and I love them both separately, but a new found obsession, mixed together!
They really smooth out the skin and blur pores like nothing else.

It doesn’t dry out my skin either, or accentuate dry patches, in fact, it actually smoothes everything down so that foundation glides on smoothly.
M.O.D Makeup finishing spray

This is a fairly new discovery/purchase

It’s from Dischem and it was only R85!

(Pssst Dischem have their Beauty Fair on at the moment and this spray is on special again for R85)
I seriously love this thing. It’s really sets makeup and settles any powdery cakiness and make makeup look fresher for longer.

It doesn’t mattify or makeup your makeup dewy but with my dry skin, it works great at keep my makeup looking more fresh instead of crepey and dry.
I’m not surprised why it’s so amazing because the ingredients in this is sooo similar to MAC Fix +

How awesome is that?!

And for like a third of the price 
I also love the spray nozzle, it’s very fine and doesn’t squirt out chunks! 

Wet n Wild Coverall Pressed Powder
Recently I’ve been loving this. Again, another rediscovery. I actually started using it since I saw Lustre Lux using it. She loves it and has dry skin. 

I’ve been using a light dusting of it all over my face and under the eyes as well.

Its such a soft creamy powder and isn’t drying so doesn’t make me cakey.

Overall a great setting powder to tone done the dew on extra dewy foundations or mattify you if you’re oily.

I also like to use it on super light makeup days, just some concealer on spots and a dusting of this powder all over, it just melts and blends into the skin so lovely.
Last but not least, the star of the show!

Vintage Beauty Crème 
My baby!

As some of you might know, Vintage Beauty is my own skincare line.

I will go in depth about the cream and how and why I decided to create it and all the other details, in another post, but for now I will just say why it’s in my Favourites 😉
So this cream has been a part of my skincare routine since December, but back then, I was still testing it out.

Needless to say, I fell in love with it immediately.
Oh btw, the cream itself is called a cold cream, mine is just a sort of recreated version.
Gone are my dry skin days. My favourite way to use it is as a makeup remover/ hot cloth cleansing balm, and wow! Not only does it literally melt away makeup, but My skin has glow, it’s been amazing at keeping my skin looking healthy, hydrated and clear.

I also use it as a moisturizer, day and night.
I don’t think I’ll ever stop using it! It’s just sooo amazing 😍 
If you’re interested in purchasing or you wanna know more about this cream, you can email me at vintagebeautySA@gmail.com

Also give me a follow on Instagram @VintageBeautySA 😘

Much love 

xxx F 


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