Introduction to AND Review of Vintage Beauty

Hey beauties
So as promised, I’m updating you guys on my skincare line, Vintage Beauty.

And I’m also gonna add in a little review as well as some feedback I’ve received from customers so far.
Let’s start from the beginning and go into how it all started.

I’ll be honest and say I’m not exactly sure where and how I came across it but ever since 1st discovering “cold cream”, I started digging and doing research, loads of research! That’s just me, I get obsessive when learning about or wanting to try new products.

And I feel that’s my duty, as a blogger, to gather info so that I can share it with my readers!
So that’s where it all started, I was really intrigued with the whole concept of cold cream and from almost all the reviews I’ve read, people have claimed cold cream to be a total game changer for their skin.

Not only because it’s so versatile and literally the only skincare item you need in your life, but because it really works.
Another thing I learned was that cold cream is a really “old” skincare secret, it was way more popular like 30 +years ago, even though it’s been around for much much longer than that, and from what I’ve read, lots of ladies say they’ve seen their grandmothers using cold cream and their skin was flawless and wrinkle free, as “mature” as they were 😉
So that’s the inspiration behind the name Vintage Beauty.

Inspired by this vintage skincare secret.
After gathering all the info I possibly could, I decided to make my own, but I was a little skeptical, you know, scared I might just mess it all up and there goes all my money and work down the drain.
So I put it off for a while until 1 day, I had a light bulb moment. I decided to ask my friend, who’s a biochemist. She actually makes some of the LiyaRy products and she hooks me up with my LiyaRy fix 😉 so I always kept in touch with her.
When I asked her if she could make it for me she knew exactly what I was talking about and said she would do it.
So since I just wanted to try it out for myself, she made a small batch. 

I had read so much about it and I was hoping to see miracles, just as so many others had, but I was also kinda scared, oil cleansers haven’t worked that well for me in the past.
But all I can say is wow! It was love at 1st use. 

Immediately after getting it, I used it around my eye and nose area coz that’s where I get really dry.

I felt a difference within the same day.
Mariam also took some from me and started using it. The next day when I saw her she was so happy and said she used it as an overnight mask and she loved how her skin looked and felt in the morning, and it didn’t irritate or react to her super sensitive, oily and acne prone skin.

I didn’t react to it or get clogged pores, in fact, it actually loosened my clogged pores allowing them to be extracted with ease.
That’s when I knew I had to to share this with the rest of South Africa, I haven’t come across a cold cream this side, I know it’s a lot more widely available in the US and UK. 

And seriously I’m not just tooting my own horn, this stuff is amazing and so I wanted others to experience this magical cream.


Vintage Beauty Cold Cream
So what exactly is cold cream?

Cold cream is a highly emollient cream which is made from a blend of oils and water, emulsified together, giving you a super hydrating cream, which is mostly used to deep cleanse the skin, while softening it.
I just want to brag about how it melts makeup so effortlessly! 

And this is my favorite way of using it, as a cleansing balm sort of thing.

It can either be used as step 1 (makeup remover) of a 2 step cleanse or as a cleanser on its own, without following up with another cleanser.
I use it both ways, sometimes I follow up with my LiyaRy beldi soap and other times I just use this on its own. 
Like any oil cleanser/ hot cloth cleanser/ cleansing balm, you massage it onto dry skin, working it into the skin with your fingertips, then use a hot, damp face cloth to steam the face and wipe away the product along with makeup and dirt.

Your skin is left feeling squeaky clean yet so soft and moisturized.
I can’t begin to say how amazing this is for dry/dehydrated skin. Which is my skin type, like I’ve mentioned a thousand and 1 times before…..

But honestly, my skin is soooo soft and smooth and has a healthy glow, literally.
Customers with normal to oily skin have said they find it too rich and greasy for day time, especially with this heat, and so they prefer to use it at night only. 

While others like myself with dry skin, can get away using it day and night.

I personally love it as a makeup base, it’s the perfect “primer” if you wanna use a foundation that’s more matte or 1 you find drying, this way, the cream really hydrates the skin, keeping your makeup looking fresh and allows makeup to sit comfortably on the skin. 
So I’d say this is going to be a winner for anyone and everyone come Autumn/Winter when everything starts to dry up. 
This is the ideal cream for aging skin, my mum and aunt love it, and I’ve had a lovely lady call me asking about it saying she’s 47, has dry skin, suffers with hormonal breakouts and has scars left behind and also is concerned about fine lines and wrinkles.

After a 2 minute chat telling her about the cream and how it works she was convinced, ordered her jar of this magical cream and got it the next day.
2 days later she messaged me and said she loves it, she has already noticed a difference in her skins appearance and texture.
I, personally as well as a few family members have noticed that breakouts clear up faster and scarring left behind is minimal, also old existing scars seems to be lightening by the day.
So I’ve started off with 1 formula which I’ve named “Nourishing”

I’d say it’s suitable for all skin types, but best for dry-mature skin though.

This specific formula is infused with Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, French Rose Water and Geranium Oil.

I must add, it’s made with mostly natural ingredients however it isn’t 100% natural, however it doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals or actually anything that is gonna be harmful to your skin or health!
Also, I am working on a formula which will be lighter, yet equally hydrating, and more suitable for those with oily skin. 

I will keep you guys updated on that, be sure to follow @VintageBeautySA on Instagram to be kept in the loop with regards to that as well as any other news.
My cold cream is available to purchase from myself, it retails for R150 and you get 200ml of product, which is A LOT! 

A little goes a long way and I’d say it will last you a month, if not longer.
To order or to find out more about Vintage Beauty cold cream you can leave a comment or email or
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I loved writing it! 😁

I look forward to you guys feedback!



3 thoughts on “Introduction to AND Review of Vintage Beauty

  1. I’ve never heard of cold cream! It sounds really interesting. I will keep this in mind when I am on the market for something like this. Have some stuff I’m trying to get through first 🙂


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