DIY Natural Deodrant/Antiperspirant 

Hey guys!
So this might not be of interest to some, while others might really appreciate this post.

I’ve seen posts/DIY’s just like this in the past but never actually read through them and felt like its something I would never do!

I’ve been using antiperspirants for around 10 years I wanna say, maybe even longer.

I started using it because they encouraged it in school, you know, no one wants to be sweaty and smelly after PE or sit next to anyone smelly Lol

So anyway, school taught us about hygiene and keeping yourself fresh.

I guess if it wasn’t for that, I probably would have never started using it.

My mum and sisters don’t, they hardly sweat and if they do, don’t smell.

I’m not sure if it’s just me or if the use of antiperspirants made me as such, but I sweat, and my sweat can get smelly.

Gross I know, but I’m human.

But this is why I wanted to do this post, maybe I can help someone somehow.
So as mentioned, a few months ago I started thinking whether me using antiperspirants made it such that the more I used it, the more I needed to.

And I was actually at my wits end with how dry and uncomfortable my underarms were. They would itch like crazy for a few days after waxing, they were always dry, and sometimes at the end of the day had a weird smell, I guess the deodorant mixed in with my sweat kinda caused that.

I was happy that I stayed dry all day and I had no actual problems with getting sweaty and smelly.

But it’s the other factors I mentioned that started bugging me, not forgetting some of my clothing would get stained and damaged in the underarm area.

I notice this with my husbands clothes too.
So here’s how my journey to making my own deodorant began…

At this point I was already using a magnesium oil spray on my body but applied it to my forearms.

I then came across articles saying that it gets absorbed faster and better when applied under the arms and also serves as a deodorant.

So I gave it a shot.

I was pleased that I stayed dry most of the day and didn’t experience any odour.
I continued doing this and skipping my usual antiperspirants all together.

But this is where it gets tricky.

I guess because antiperspirants actually block your pores and don’t allow any oils/sweat to come through, it sort of builds up in your system, which is not good! The skin in the area doesn’t get a chance to breathe at all.

And so when you start using this natural deodorant, the skin detoxes itself and releases whatever was stuck inside.

And I’m mentioning this so if you decide to switch to this natural method, you know what to expect and prepare for it.

You will go through a few weeks of feeling sweaty and you might even have an odour, but just power through and it will all come to an end soon.

All you need to do is carry some of your DIY deodorant with you and reapply when you feel the need, you can even keep some antibacterial wet wipes and use that to wipe yourself before applying your deodorant, and maybe some baby powder as well just to freshen up and stay dry.

But as I mentioned, your body will adjust and settle in no time.

Mine did and I’ve never been happier, my underarms are smooth and soft, I don’t get sweaty or smelly and I’m at peace knowing I’m not harming my body with nasty chemicals.
Now onto the DIY


DIY Deodrant – Pic credit:
You will need just 3 ingredients!

• Coconut oil 

• Bicarbonate of soda / Baking Soda

• Cornstarch or Arrowroot powder

Optional- You can also add in some essential oils for a fresh scent and added benefits
I will mention that the 1st time I made this  I didn’t use coconut oil coz I didn’t have any at that time, so I used my facial oil Lol

Worked well though.

Just mix equal portions of bicarb and arrowroot/cornstarch (mazeina)

Then slowly mix in your oil, little by little until you get a smooth paste.

It should be funny but not super thick either.

Mix it up well and store in jar.

To use, scoop some out and warm up between your finger before applying to clean, dry underarms. Just massage it in.
The bicarb is amazing at absorbing odour and the arrowroot/cornstarch absorb oils so you stay dry.

Coconut oil will keep your skin nourished and because of it’s antibacterial properties, will keep odours at bay.
I hope this post was helpful, I look forward to reading your thoughts, comment back if you’ve tried this or would wanna try it.
Stay fresh!

xxx Fatima ❤️


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