Battle of The Beauty Sponges

This has been a post I’ve had in mind for way too long
I just needed to gather my test subjects and start testing
So as you can see, I have 4 sponges which I will be reviewing and comparing

Below is an insert with all the names of the sponges

2 can be purchased from Dischem and Clicks and 2 can be purchased from local resellers of international makeup brands like @makeup_shmakeup
Let’s start, left to right
Artist of Makeup Beauty Buffer
If you didn’t know, Artist of Makeup cosmetics is the brainchild of world renowned celebrity makeup artist, Zukreat

No beating around the bushes, I’m gonna come out and say it, I don’t like this at all!

I had high hopes for it. It looked quite nice, it was designed by Zukreat herself, and I’ve seen people rave about it online

I decided to buy it when my trusty Beauty Blender was on its last stages and needed to be replaced
Most of the makeup sellers on insta I contacted had no stock or were too pricey

So when I saw that the AOM Sponge was cheaper than the Beauty Blender, I said why not?
I got it from Muse Beauty along with 2 other products (if you follow us on the gram, you’ll know what)

Immediately when opening and feeling the sponge, my heart dropped in disappointment
So let me tell you why I dislike it so much
If you’ve been using a Beauty Blender for over a year and switch over to this, you will know the struggle

The sponge is so dense and stiff, it’s not squishy like the Beauty Blender

It’s almost rubbery… almost exactly like the ones you can pick up at Dischem for under R50
I will admit that I was impressed at how much it expanded when wet, but it was still too dense for my liking
It feels like I was beating my face with it, literally
Some love it, not sure why haha, but to each their own!
Moving on…
CALA Makeup Sponge
I bough this after seeing a few local beauty bloggers rave about it

And thought, why not

It’s very affordable and the most inexpensive 1 at just R75
And let me tell you, I was super happy to replace the AOM makeup sponge as soon as I got this
It’s definitely not as squishy as the beauty blender but it’s close

The material of the sponge itself is quite soft

It expands nicely when wet and gets softer

It applies makeup nicely and doesn’t soak up too much product either
It took a little getting used to the shape of it since the tip isn’t quite as pointed

But I love the bottom of it, it’s quite flat and works well to blend foundation into the skin
(It’s available in pink and purple)
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
Now, let me just say that I don’t know if this is the same as those sold at Clicks

I bought my Real Techniques Sponge from Lookfantastic, a UK site
It is quite different from the other Real Techniques Sponge I had about 2 years ago, and the packaging is different as well

I also know they changed their brushes as well

So I’m guessing the upgraded their entire line
I absolutely frickin’ love this sponge!

I paid £4 for it, which is roughly R70

And while it works out to be the cheapest for what I paid

It retails for around R110 at Clicks
This is my favorite out of the lot, it actually topped my Beauty Blender, which shocked me!

Especially for the price!
This sponge is soooo squishy and soft and it feels like you’re patting a cloud on your face 😍 Lol
It expands really nicely, doesn’t soak up product and blends to perfection
Last but not least
The Original Beauty Blender
I don’t need to got into this much coz everyone knows about the Beauty Blender
The only big difference I can point out between this and the Real Techniques Sponge is that the Beauty Blender feels more rough, if that makes sense

It’s more poreous, like it has more noticeable holes in the sponge

Whereas the Real Techniques one is very smooth to the touch
I will however also admit that the Real Techniques does not last as long as the Original Beauty Blender and starts to tear down faster
On that note, I will continue to purchase the Real Techniques one, even if it means that I will be replacing it more often, I think it would still work out cheaper, if not the same as the Beauty Blender

(That’s if I continue to buy it from the U.K.)
* Let’s say I replace my Real Techniques Sponge 4 times a year and the Beauty Blender once a year, RT = R280 

Beauty Blender = R350 + additional courier costs
Here’s how I would rate them
1st Place – Real Techniques 

2nd Place – Beauty Blender

3rd Place – CALA
I really hope my reviews were helpful
I will be adding another post soon, comparing and reviewing dupes of the Real Techniques sponge and Beauty Blender from @dupefactorie to the originals

Their store opening is taking place in Durban this Saturday 

Be sure to follow them on insta for all the deets, they are also hosting a HUGE Giveaway, which Vintage Beauty has also sponsored towards
Instagram links for all above mentioned accounts below, and of course our blog page, just click on the name and it will take you directly to the page
Muse Beauty –

The Makeup Boutique –

Dupe Factorie – @dupefactorie

Vintage Beauty – @vintagebeautysa

Makeupastorm – @makeupastorm
Peace out ✌🏼️ Fatima 💋


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