Updated Skincare Routine

Hi guys!
It’s been a hot minute since we posted!

This year I promise to put more effort into the blog, I’ve recently had some more free time on my hands and hopefully I can get some creative writing up for you guys!
I’m so excited to announce that this post is in collaboration with a fellow beauty blogger, Raeesa, from Style Unboxed
We also have another collab post coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled

You can also find Raeesa’s blog and Instagram deets linked at the end of the post, so be sure to check out her post for her skincare routine, as well as her other awesome posts!

Give her a follow on Instagram, she currently has a huge giveaway running and you can win some cool stuff, including a Vintage Beauty hamper 😉
On to the post!
I’ve waited a while before posting my updated skincare routine because, as you guys know, I love trying out new stuff

But over the past year, I’ve been consistent and I’ve figured out what my skin loves and needs to stay clear and healthy 
Along with my routine, I’ve also shared some tips and tricks that I’ve discovered along the way and really work for me
To find out what that is, keep reading!

So every evening I remove my makeup (if I’m wearing any) as early as possible, I don’t wait for bedtime, and I use my Vintage Beauty Cold Cream
I slather some on, massage it in and then use a tissue to wipe off
Later on, when I’m getting ready for bed, I’ve been switching between the Liyary Beldi Black soap and Pretycin soap
Both work well to remove excess dirt and oil and leave the skin feeling squeaky clean!

A few times a week I will also use my Foreo Luna Mini device to deep clean

Next I follow with a douse of Vintage Beauty Facial Tonic
Once it’s semi dry, I follow with some Betahydroxy Gel by Creme Classique

(This is a fairly new addition but I’ve used a different AHA/BHA gel from Janssen Cosmetics before this)
After a few minutes I apply my Vintage Beauty Rejuvenating Eye Cream and some Cold Cream
My morning routine is quite similar, except that I Use the Vintage Beauty 3 in 1 Facial Polish to cleanse with

The rest of my routine is the same as my night routine, but as a last step, I follow with a sunscreen

The 1 I’ve been using and loving is also from Creme Classique, it’s their Safari moisturizing sunscreen SPF40

It’s quite moisturizing but not greasy at all! It just absorbs into the skin so well

I also just wanna share some tips and tricks which I think work well for me in maintaining a clear, healthy complexion.
1stly… using an oil based makeup remover, such as VB cold cream is excellent to break down makeup and completely clean it out from the pores

Also, double cleansing ensures all makeup, dirt and impurities are removed, anything left behind can cause breakouts
Also, by using the cold cream, my skin is kept smooth and hydrated, not stripping the skin of its natural oils
2ndly… using an AHA or BHA treatment daily or a few times a week not only helps to keep breakouts at bay, but also makes existing 1s go away faster and fades scarring faster
As some of you may know, since I’ve mentioned it a thousand times before, I suffer with comedonal acne, which means I often get clogged pores/congested skin

The AHA/BHA exfoliates the skin both deep down and on the surface which prevents the pores from getting clogged

And I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the smoothness of my skin
I love to use clay masks weekly, as well as sheet masks every so often (my favorite are from Shades of Mink)

It just depends on how my skin is feeling and looking
Another trick I love doing which makes all the difference in my skin is using the VB Cold Cream as a mask

Then using a hot wash cloth to steamy face and wipe away
Doing this leaves my skin looking so smooth and soft and has a noticeable glow for days after

It’s definitely also helps in deep cleaning the pores 

I also like to do this before applying a clay mask,

The cold cream loosen dirt and clogged pores and then the clay mask pulls it all out

And you’re left with clear and healthy skin
As we all know, to slay with a flawless face of makeup, you need to take care of your skin and slay the skincare game

Then only will your makeup apply and look better than ever
And that will be our next post, we’ll be sharing our updated daily makeup routines with you guys, including some tips and tricks to slay your makeup game!

So stay tuned for that! 😉
Hope you guys enjoyed this post, don’t forget to heck put Raeesa’s post as well and show her some love
Stay Beautiful



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