Updated Daily Makeup Routine

Hey beauties! 
So last week I collaborated with Raeesa from Style Unboxed and we did our Updated Skincare Routine
This week we’ve done our updated daily makeup routine
Skincare and makeup go hand in hand

If you don’t look after your skin, your makeup will never look flawless.
So once you’ve gotten down your skincare basics, you can move onto perfecting your makeup.
These are the products I used daily to do my makeup (not necessarily the exact same product, I always switch up my foundation, concealer and bronzer, but the type of product stays the same)

These are just my current favorites, my recent go-tos

I will also mention a few others that I’ve been loving
If you would like to know how I do my makeup daily, just keep on reading!
Ok so after I’ve completed my skincare routine, I wait for my moisturizer/sunscreen to completely settle into my skin before starting with my foundation
And because my skin has been really good recently, I stick to a light to medium, natural coverage

I absolutely love the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation!

It’s right at the top of my list! I’ve already been through an entire bottle and I’m on my 2nd and 3rd (coz I have 2 different shades)
It looks really natural on the skin and doesn’t look cakey

Another favorite , that has a similar finish and coverage is the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation
I then follow with some concealer under my eyes. If it’s not this 1, I gravitate towards the MAC Pro Longwear concealer

These 2 are my favorites 

I don’t even need to set them coz they don’t crease on me, so that way I don’t loose any of the natural dewiness the foundation provided
I wait a minute or so before moving onto bronzer

My favorite at the moment is The Body Shop Honey Bronzer and I have the shade 2

I also really like the Bourjois Chocolate bronzer 
I don’t wear blush on a daily basis, I prefer just to add some warmth and dimension to my face with some bronzer
And I can never go without some highlighter!

Highlighter is the whole point of my makeup!

I switch between natural looking highlights and super shimmery 1s, just depends on my mood

I picked up the MAC Soft n Gentle highlighter a while ago and I’ve been using it a lot!

It’s something that can be used lightly or built up

That’s what I love about it, and the fact that it suits so many skin tones
Next I move on to brows, another staple, I have to do my brows daily

And it’s actually weird because like a year ago, I NEVER did my brows
I like to use pencils and this 1 by LOV cosmetics is bomb, it reminds me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer because it has the same angled, triangular shaped tip
I then set my brows with an eyebrow gel

The Benefit Gimme Brow is awesome! It’s tinted so you don’t even need to fill them in with a pencil beforehand, which I sometimes do

But it sets the brows in place nicely and they last all day!
The only things I use on my eyes daily is some eyeliner and mascara

And I gravitate towards brown because it’s softer and more flattering on my brown eyes

They enhance the eyes without being too strong or too dark

Mascara is a staple because they enhance and open up the eyes in the best way, and I mean, who doesn’t love long, luscious lashes?!

I’ve been loving the Benefit Roller Lash coz it curls the lashes and holds it as well
Lastly, I pop on some lipgloss or lip balm and I’m good to go!
I hardly wear lipsticks during the week, I find them too glam for a day to day basis

So I stick to lightly tinted and glossy lips

Sometimes to finish off the look, I spritz my face with some makeup setting spray and my makeup will last till the end of the night
I look put together without makeup much effort or taking that much time

I can comfortably do my makeup in 15 minutes max
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Stay Beuatiful ❤️ 

Fatima xxx


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