Review: New L.A Girl Cosmetics

Hey guys!

I know most of you are excited to see this review as these have gotten a lot of hype over social media the minute Dischem and LA Girl Cosmetics SA announced their release this month on Instagram

I, for one, was really really excited as I’ve seen such great reviews, especially by 1 of my favorite beauty gurus, Kathleen Lights
Having dry skin, anything that has the word “illuminating” in it, immediately gets my attention
There are 16 shades to choose from, so you’re likely to find a good match, as well as a WHITE foundation. It’s Super impressive for such an affordable brand to come out with a white foundation, if which you didn’t know, is used to lighten your foundation, as a makeup artist, this will definitely come in handy. If you struggle to find foundations that are light enough for your skin then this would be great. 
I’ve also seen excellent reviews on the Strobing powders, as we all know that some “drugstore” highlighters can tend to be chalky, chunky and glittery. Here in SA, we tend to have a lack of options at the drugstore when it comes to highlighters

(By drugstore, I mean stores such as Clicks, Dischem and the like)
So, here are my thoughts on these… 
Right off the bat, I was totally blown away by this foundation. 

It provides medium to full coverage without looking cakey or heavy on the skin, and has the most beautiful dewy finish. I doubt people with oily skin would enjoy this finish though, or may need to powder the entire face.
I have the shade Fair and find it suits my skin tone really well (kind of surprised by that actually, as I find it really hard to find foundations that match my skin tone well)
I also found that I needed to lightly powder my T-zone so I don’t end up looking greasy, I don’t powder my entire face so that the natural dewy sheen of the foundation remains where i want it. 
It lasted really well throughout the day and didn’t seem to get oily, even though I do have dry skin. 

It also didn’t cling to any dry patches or emphasize any dryness, I found that it sort of revives my complexion, giving it some life and a healthy glow!
The Strobe Lite Strobing powder is BOMB!

It’s a beautiful reflective powder which blends into the skin, giving it a shimmery sheen, without looking chunky or glittery
I was so chuffed when I realized that this specific shade, 80 WATT, is an exact dupe for the highly sought after Becca x Jaclyn Hill – Champagne Pop!!! 
Side by side swatches below, can you spot the difference???

(With flash and without)

Left is Becca Champagne Pop and Right is LA Girl 80 Watt
Lastly, the brow pencil… This also blew me away after the 1st use

(I think because I’ve been using a chunky brow pencil recently)
The pencil nib is extremely tiny, which makes creating strokes that imitate natural hairs, super easy
It’s pigmented and creamy but has that waxiness which allows it to stick onto the skin and eyebrow hairs

Yet not too creamy to the point where you need to go in extremely light handed to avoid going overboard. 
And…it has a brow spoolie on the other side which is perfect. 
The shade Brunette matches my brows spot on! It’s not too ashy or too warm

There are a variety of shades available so you’re definitely bound to find something that matches you. 

For R85, I think this is a real bargain!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little review

I’ve been using the products for about 2 months now, I’ve used up the eyebrow pencil and need to repurchase, just haven’t been to Dischem in a while

And I love using the foundation any time I need that extra coverage, for nights out, etc

As for the highlighter, I usually only use it when going for a full glam look as it is pretty intense 😉 and just too intense for day to day usage
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Much love ❤️ 


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