Best Beauty Hack EVER!

Hey guys!

Today I wanna share with you all 1 of the best beauty hacks I’ve come across, ever!

Lately there’s been a buzz around the Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm being used as a primer, which we’ve tried and loved! It really does work amazingly as a primer, keeps your makeup in place, looking like you’ve just applied it, hours later!
Anyway, we’ll do a full review on that soon, this is about something else!

It might seem weird for some, even weirder than men’s aftershave, but anyway, here we go…
Are you ready for it?

It’s Sudocrem!!! Yes, the baby bum cream!

Sudocrem Beauty Hack - Acne treatment, primer and foundation lightener

(Pic downloaded from internet and edited)

Lol well technically it isn’t only aimed at healing baby bottoms, it’s marketed as an antiseptic, healing cream which can be used for cuts, burns and even eczema. It says that it “soothes, protects and moisturises” and can be used on babies, children, adults and elderly.

I’m not exactly sure where I heard/read about this or whether I decided to experiment and figured it out myself, super proud of myself if I did! 😆 

There are multiple ways which this can be used as a “beauty hack” so let’s jump in..

1. Acne Treatment 

This is sort of a no brainer.

It’s an antiseptic, healing cream. A pimple is basically a sore on the skin which needs to be disinfected, soothed and healed, which is what this creme does.
Whether the pimple is still forming under the surface of your skin or already “ripe” or you’ve just popped it, apply a dab of sudocrem on it and leave it on for as long as you can (overnight is ideal)
It will dry out the spot and heal it faster than anything else!
It also calms the redness and swelling!

2. Makeup Primer 

Say whaaat?

Yes! This can be used as a primer. I’m not sure what ingredient it has in it that causes makeup to last longer and look amazing but it works!

I’ve literally been blown away by the results.

It’s also great as an eyeshadow primer, which I picked up from the makeup queen herself, Zukreat. She actually did a video about it, check it out on YouTube. 

Be warned that this product also almost acts as a sunscreen, it contains a large amount of zinc oxide (which is what gives it its opague white colour) so DO NOT use this if you’re planning on taking pics on a night out. Your face will be spooky white from the flash back.

Which brings me to the next hack.

3. Foundation Shade Lightener

Again, it has an intense opague white colour which makes it perfect when used to lighten foundation. My best discovery yet! 
As you guys know I struggle finding foundations which are light and yellow enough to match. If they have yellow undertones, they are too dark or run orange! The struggle is real people!

Using it this way will act as sort of a 2 in 1, as a primer as well. 

Seriously guys, the 1st time I wore my foundation this way, that is, mixed in with some sudocream, at the end of the day when I went to remove my makeup I was shocked and amazed at how beautiful my makeup looked. 
Btw I mixed it with my Kryolan Supracolor Foundation (1 of my fave foundations)

I didn’t even use a concealer, I used the foundation concoction under my eyes as concealer and it looked bomb! Didn’t settle into my fine lines or crease, didn’t look dry or cakey, didn’t wear off. What more can a girl ask for?

I recommend everyone buying a tub of this, it will really come in handy (especially those with kids) and a little goes a long way, so it’s gonna last for ages!

I’ve actually recently read up reviews from people with severe acne applying this as a mask and sleeping with it and it has been a miracle, it cleared up their skin.
Others have mentioned that they use it after waxing to prevent breakouts! Again, coz it soothes and heals the skin and, prevents bacteria from getting into your pores.

Obviously, everyone is different, there were some people who found it didn’t do anything for their skin and others who actually reacted to it, so be sure to do a patch test before applying it on your entire face.

If any of you have tried this, pop us a comment. 

And if you do decide to try it on my recommendation, then please let us know how it has worked for you!

Hope this was helpful to some of you!
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Love F ♡ 

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Tip Tuesday: How to get long, healthy hair and eyelashes

Hey guys!

So if you remember, last week I started a new series called Tip Tuesday.
Every Tuesday I will share a beauty tip which I use and has proven to be effective and has become a staple in my routine.

Now who doesn’t want soft, luscious hair and naturally long, whispy eyelashes??

With 1 simple item, you can achieve this. 

And well, it’s Castor oil!
Yes, that goopy, thick, sticky oil, turns out to be a miracle worker. It is super affordable, easily accessible and so versatile. 

I’ve been wanting to do this post for months and never got down to it #storyofmylife
A while back, I was looking for something to stop my hairfall and also grow my hair faster and this is how I discovered the wonders of castor oil.

Read on to see how I use it…

Stop hairfall and grow hair faster

Twice a week, massage some castor oil into your scalp and leave for a few hours or overnight if possible.
You can mix it in with another oil, such as olive oil, like I do. This will make it easier to work with.
Work through the length of your hair til your ends as well as this will nourish and moisturise your hair.

I also want to share how I wash this off as I find it’s really a pain to get out of your hair and no one wants to look like it’s been weeks since washing their hair, right after washing it.
And neither do you want to stand in the shower for 10 minutes just shampooing over and over, what a waste of shampoo and time. Not to mention that this will dry out your hair so badly.

So here’s what I do. I use dishwashing liquid, Sunlight Liquid to be specific.

All you do is lather it into your hair and scalp and leave for a minute,then rinse. 
Then go in with your regular shampoo, and please be sure to condition! Otherwise you will be left with a head full of hay!

Grow and Condition Eyelashes

Every evening, after completing my skincare routine and before jumping into bed, I dip an earbud/Q-tip into the castor oil and then apply to my eyelashes, root to tip.
Then I use my finger just to make sure it’s evenly distributed and each lash is coated.

If you wear mascara daily, I’d say this is a must. Within a week or 2 you should notice your eyelashes look and feel healthier and if you experience a lot of “shedding” it should be drastically diminished. 
I noticed results when I would apply mascara and my lashes looked a lot more fuller and longer. Obviously it wasn’t the mascara because it never looked that way before, but it was the castor oil that made all the difference. 
I also find that my lashes hold a curl much better ever since.

If you have sparce eyebrows or made a boo-boo while waxing or threading or over tweezed, then go ahead and apply castor oil with an earbud to the area every evening and it will be fixed up in no time!

This stuff is seriously amazing! 

Have you ever tried castor oil? What did you use it for and how did you find it?

Comment below and let us know what other ways you have tried and tested which leaves you with luscious hair and eyelashes.

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Fatima ♡

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Tip Tuesday: How to Remove Eye Makeup

Greeting beautiful readers 👋

I was thinking it would be a good idea to start a series called Tip Tuesday.
So every Tuesday I will share a tip/beauty hack which I find to be really handy.
Please feel free to leave a comment below telling us your tips on the subject.

So today I will be sharing a way in which you can remove eye makeup super easily. Especially that waterproof mascara.

How to remove eye makeup

I have tried several methods to remove my eye makeup and this just works the best. It’s also super inexpensive and you probably already have it in your home.

And it’s none other than oil.
Now you can use coconut oil or olive oil or even grapeseed oil and almond oil.

I personally chose to use olive oil.
And all you need to do is take a small amount on your fingertips and then start to gently massage it over your eyes, the best part is that it will not sting your eyes so you can get right in there!
As you’re massaging, all the makeup will start to break down and melt.
Next just take a tissue or cotton pad and wipe away.

Now you’re left with not only squeaky clean eyes but the entire eye area and including your lashes will feel soft and moisturised.

Using this method is not going to strip the delicate area around your eyes of moisture and neither will it be harmful for your eyes by burning and stinging them. And it removes absolutely EVERYTHING, even waterproof mascara and eyelash glue!

However I must warn that your vision will be quite blurry until you remove all the oil.

You can also use this method to remove the rest of your makeup from your face, if you like and you find it works for you. But I personally do not.

Hope this has been useful to some of you. As mentioned, please do drop us a comment and let us know how you remove your makeup/eye makeup and why you love it.

Thank you for reading! 🙂
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Love Fatima ♡

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Summer Must Haves for Gorgeous Dewy and Glowing Skin!


Hey pretties,  so this is what I have been using lately to achieve that dewy glow with makeup.
I know some people prefer to keep their makeup more matte around summer but I’m all about that glow life 😍

Lately I have been obsessed with highlighters and foundations that provide that dewy glow. And the MAC Studio Sculpt foundation is one of them, I love evrything about it, from the texture to the finish it gives.
It provides a medium to full coverage and sets to a nice dewy-satin finish.
This foundation will be perfect for those with dry skin as well, as it is gel based and quite moisturising to the skin.

The MAC Studio Finish concealer is great for covering under eye circles and any blemishes or marks. A little goes a long way. Very creamy and long lasting.

And the best for last, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle has got to be my favourite highlighter ever ♡ worth every cent!
Its a champagne shimmer that looks amazing on all skin tones. It just gives the most amazing looking highlight and can be used wet for a more intense look…and for me it doubles up as a great eyeshadow too. Just add some fix plus to this and OMG!!!  You’re left with amazingly gorgeous looking skin. Like you’ve actually been getting your 8hrs and 8glasses a day kinda glow. I can’t rave enough about fix plus and its uses (check out our previoua post my sis did on it: Battle of the Setting Sprays). I simply can’t do without it.

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Love and highlighters

Cleaning your Makeup Brushes


Greetings my beautiful readers
How are we doing on this lovely Friday evening? 
How are the fasts going? I’m finding it easy breezy 😀 Alhamdulillah! 

So this post is all about cleaning your makeup brushes!
I know I know! It sucks! I’ll be honest I get lazy too, but it needs to be done!

Washing your makeup brushes should be done atleast twice a month, better yet, once a week.
Cleaning your brushes will ensure flawless makeup application. It will also make your brushes last longer.

Dirty brushes can transfer dirt and bacteria to your skin, causing breakouts and blemishes. 
If you do have pimples, make sure to clean your brushes every week and use an anti-bacterial soap (Dettol hand wash works well)
Otherwise I normally use Johnsons baby shampoo (the yellow 1) and it works just fine for me.

I personally find makeup brush cleaners to be ridiculously expensive and not worth it *no offence to anyone, that’s just my opinion* 

Now, when washing my brushes, I like to 1st make a mixture of warm water and the shampoo in a small bowl then let my brushes soak for a few minutes, this basically softens any dried makeup product on the bristles, making it easier to wash off. 


Then, taking 1 brush at a time, I either apply shampoo directly to my brush or on my hand, then gently rub the brush against my hand in circular motions, making sure I am cleaning all the bristles.


Continue washing until you see that the soap/water is clean and all makeup product is out of the brush.
Rinse well and squeeze and shake excess water out.

You want to reshape your brush at this point so it dries like that and then either lay it flat to dry or upside down.
This is important, if any water goes down in the brush, it can cause the glue that holds the bristles together to become damaged and then you will have a problem with shedding. 


I usually lay a clean towel or tissues on the edge of a table and lay my brushes over

I find the best time to wash my brushes late afternoon or early evening, that way I’m done using them for the day and they have enough time to dry until I need to use them again.
Dense brushes will naturally take longer to dry.

What do you use to clean your brushes? And what tips can you share with the rest of us? Let us know 🙂 

Have a lovely day ahead! 🙂 and keep warm!

Hugs & Kisses 
F xxx