Battle of The Beauty Sponges

This has been a post I’ve had in mind for way too long
I just needed to gather my test subjects and start testing
So as you can see, I have 4 sponges which I will be reviewing and comparing

Below is an insert with all the names of the sponges

2 can be purchased from Dischem and Clicks and 2 can be purchased from local resellers of international makeup brands like @makeup_shmakeup
Let’s start, left to right
Artist of Makeup Beauty Buffer
If you didn’t know, Artist of Makeup cosmetics is the brainchild of world renowned celebrity makeup artist, Zukreat

No beating around the bushes, I’m gonna come out and say it, I don’t like this at all!

I had high hopes for it. It looked quite nice, it was designed by Zukreat herself, and I’ve seen people rave about it online

I decided to buy it when my trusty Beauty Blender was on its last stages and needed to be replaced
Most of the makeup sellers on insta I contacted had no stock or were too pricey

So when I saw that the AOM Sponge was cheaper than the Beauty Blender, I said why not?
I got it from Muse Beauty along with 2 other products (if you follow us on the gram, you’ll know what)

Immediately when opening and feeling the sponge, my heart dropped in disappointment
So let me tell you why I dislike it so much
If you’ve been using a Beauty Blender for over a year and switch over to this, you will know the struggle

The sponge is so dense and stiff, it’s not squishy like the Beauty Blender

It’s almost rubbery… almost exactly like the ones you can pick up at Dischem for under R50
I will admit that I was impressed at how much it expanded when wet, but it was still too dense for my liking
It feels like I was beating my face with it, literally
Some love it, not sure why haha, but to each their own!
Moving on…
CALA Makeup Sponge
I bough this after seeing a few local beauty bloggers rave about it

And thought, why not

It’s very affordable and the most inexpensive 1 at just R75
And let me tell you, I was super happy to replace the AOM makeup sponge as soon as I got this
It’s definitely not as squishy as the beauty blender but it’s close

The material of the sponge itself is quite soft

It expands nicely when wet and gets softer

It applies makeup nicely and doesn’t soak up too much product either
It took a little getting used to the shape of it since the tip isn’t quite as pointed

But I love the bottom of it, it’s quite flat and works well to blend foundation into the skin
(It’s available in pink and purple)
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
Now, let me just say that I don’t know if this is the same as those sold at Clicks

I bought my Real Techniques Sponge from Lookfantastic, a UK site
It is quite different from the other Real Techniques Sponge I had about 2 years ago, and the packaging is different as well

I also know they changed their brushes as well

So I’m guessing the upgraded their entire line
I absolutely frickin’ love this sponge!

I paid Β£4 for it, which is roughly R70

And while it works out to be the cheapest for what I paid

It retails for around R110 at Clicks
This is my favorite out of the lot, it actually topped my Beauty Blender, which shocked me!

Especially for the price!
This sponge is soooo squishy and soft and it feels like you’re patting a cloud on your face 😍 Lol
It expands really nicely, doesn’t soak up product and blends to perfection
Last but not least
The Original Beauty Blender
I don’t need to got into this much coz everyone knows about the Beauty Blender
The only big difference I can point out between this and the Real Techniques Sponge is that the Beauty Blender feels more rough, if that makes sense

It’s more poreous, like it has more noticeable holes in the sponge

Whereas the Real Techniques one is very smooth to the touch
I will however also admit that the Real Techniques does not last as long as the Original Beauty Blender and starts to tear down faster
On that note, I will continue to purchase the Real Techniques one, even if it means that I will be replacing it more often, I think it would still work out cheaper, if not the same as the Beauty Blender

(That’s if I continue to buy it from the U.K.)
* Let’s say I replace my Real Techniques Sponge 4 times a year and the Beauty Blender once a year, RT = R280 

Beauty Blender = R350 + additional courier costs
Here’s how I would rate them
1st Place – Real Techniques 

2nd Place – Beauty Blender

3rd Place – CALA
I really hope my reviews were helpful
I will be adding another post soon, comparing and reviewing dupes of the Real Techniques sponge and Beauty Blender from @dupefactorie to the originals

Their store opening is taking place in Durban this Saturday 

Be sure to follow them on insta for all the deets, they are also hosting a HUGE Giveaway, which Vintage Beauty has also sponsored towards
Instagram links for all above mentioned accounts below, and of course our blog page, just click on the name and it will take you directly to the page
Muse Beauty –

The Makeup Boutique –

Dupe Factorie – @dupefactorie

Vintage Beauty – @vintagebeautysa

Makeupastorm – @makeupastorm
Peace out ✌🏼️ Fatima πŸ’‹


All about – The Hayaa Box

Hey beauties
So I’ve been planning this post in my head for the past couple of months now and I am finally able to sit down and write.
If you follow us on the gram, you know that I attended the launch event of The Hayaa Box, the brainchild of Jowhara Mahomed

The Hayaa Box

It was held at the Green with Envy restaurant in Durban, which also has a separate haul, specifically for events like these
The entire set up was super cute and minimal

Jowhara Mahomed: Founder of The Hayaa Box

I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it, especially the socializing 

I got to meet some very inspiring ladies, and got to put faces to the names of some
Most of all, it was such a pleasure to meet Jowhara, a huge thank you to her for the opportunity to attend and also feature my product in your very first box, wishing her all the best in this venture of hers ❀️

Psst, Jowhara was featured in the September issue of Marie Claire Magazine, how awesome is that?!

You go girl! 

She also mentioned Vintage Beauty in her interview πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

What exactly is the Hayaa box? You ask…
Basically, It is a monthly subscription box specifically aimed towards Muslim women, hence the name Hayaa, which means Modesty in Arabic

It’s rather exciting since it’s the first of its kind in South Africa
So like all other subscription boxes, you get a mix of goodies ranging from full size to samples

In every Hayaa box you will receive a gorgeous scarf, hijab accessories like pins and bands and some makeup and/or skincare samples

I was extremely thrilled when Jowhara told me that she wanted to feature Vintage Beauty in her very first box

It was an amazing opportunity to get my brand and product out there

Because, sometimes you are skeptical on whether to buy products, this way, you get it in your box with other amazing goodies, you have it, you can test it out, if you like it, you can purchase the full size, if not, no train smash!
So the 1st 3 boxes were themed as “Back to Basics”

Everyone needs a basic black, beige and grey scarf in their collection!

It goes with anything and everything and is easy to dress up or down
I am gaga over these scarves!

They are what I would call “maxi hijabs”

They are very broad and long, which is great to be able to create lots of different styles with it

They are cotton, super soft and sit well on the head, they don’t slip around and frame the face perfectly!

I personally love wearing it by folding it in half horizontally, that way it’s not too broad and also creates a more voluminous look instead of having a flat head hehe
Each box is launched at midnight on the 1st of each month and retails for R249 including delivery to your door

It’s a great way to grow your hijab collection and also gives you a chance to test out products you might just fall in love with!
Have you purchased a Hayaa box yet?

If not, what are you waiting for??

The September box is still available to purchase online, and their October box just went live on Monday, it comes with thee most gorgeous mint scarf that’s perfect to Spring 😍

Don’t forget to follow @thehayaabox on insta and post and tag them when you get your box ❀️

Current Beauty FavoritesΒ 

Hey beauties!
I purposely skipped last months “monthly” favorites post coz most of the stuff I was enjoying I only started used like halfway through the month and didn’t want to post about it knowing that I haven’t tested it out long enough to call it a “favorite”

So I decided it be best to combine it all and compile and “current favorites”

So he warned, some of these stuff might have already been mentioned before.
Let’s start with skincare

Avon ClearSkin Professional- Clarifying Toner Pads

I have been obsessed with chemical exfoliants, they work really well on my skin and these toner pads from Avon are just amazing! They’re really affordable at R92 for 45 pads, and they contain both glycolic and salicylic acids

I only use them once a day, in the evenings and they do a great job at keeping my skin texture smooth and my pores clear

The next product is a staple in my routine and I really can’t live without since introducing it into my routine.

Vintage Beauty Facial Tonic
Featured here is the Revitalizing scent, I also do use and love the Invigorating one as well

I use it after cleansing, as a toner, as a primer before makeup and to set my makeup when I’m done

I also use it throughout the day to refresh my skin.

It’s really soothing and refreshing. It works great to prep skin before moisturizer if you have dry skin and really locks in the goodness.

Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water
I received these as a gift with purchase when I ordered online from Cosmetiques De France

I’ve only ever tried the Garnier Micellar water and while I did love it, it got replaced by my Vintage Beauty Cold Cream.

I like keeping this to quickly remove my makeup when I need to makeup wudhu (ablution)

It’s quick and easy and gets the job done really well.
Now onto makeup 😁

Let’s start with face/base products

NYX Angel Veil Primer
I’ve recently fallen in love with this all over again!

It’s so smoothing and moisturizing to the skin, a great primer for my fellow dry skinned ladies out there.

It does have some silicone in it but doesn’t feel slippery on the skin and definitely doesn’t dry the skin out like some other pore minimizing primers can do.

I’m not sure if this is available in SA yet, haven’t been to a NYX stand in a while, I got mine from
Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation and Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation

I’ve already mentioned the Bourjois foundation in a previous favorites so I won’t go into in much, I did however buy a mother shade, a shade lighter in 51 Light Vanilla, as far as I know this is only available online from Cosmetiques de France as I’ve only seen the shade 52 and up in store

As for the Rimmel foundation, a new gem in my ever growing foundation collection

I really love this 1. I wanna do a full review on it, so look out for that.

It’s a satin/demi-matte finish. Lasts so long on the skin and looks so good and fresh all day!

It really smooths the skin and minimizes the look of my pores. I absolutely love it and will be repurchasing soon. It’s really inexpensive as well, so that’s a bonus!

*note, I do add yellow colouring to my foundations so that they match me better. Both foundations mentioned above have been adjusted
Cala Makeup Blending sponge

After seeing a few local beauty bloggers rave about this sponge, I decided to pick up 1 for myself.

1st impressions, I was impressed that it was quite soft and squishy and not too dense.

After using it for quite some time, I can say I am really happy with my purchase, it works well to blend foundation and concealer into the skin and leave a flawless finish. I’m gonna be doing a “beauty sponge comparison” post soon, I’m just waiting on my Real Techniques sponge that I ordered to arrive.
RCMA No-Color Powder

If you have dry skin – Get this!

If you have oily skin – Get this!

If you love “baking” – Get this!

If you’re a makeup artist – You NEED this!

This is the best loose powder I’ve tried yet.

It works so well to set the face and for baking. It’s no wonder all the YouTubers have been loving and raving about this.

I got mine from Muse Beauty on Instagram, but I’ve seen a few other online retailers sell it as well. All of them are priced more or less the same.

CATRICE Made to Stay Smoothing Lip Polish 08 What’s your Atti-Nude

This has pretty much been the only lip product I’ve been using for the past few weeks, no lies.

It really does smooth the lips and gives a natural colour to it, like a “my lips but better”

And it does sort of dry down but doesn’t dry the lips or look dry, if that makes sense. 

Also, once it wears off, it leaves a tiny on the lips, almost like a bitten kinda look. I love it!

Avon Supershock mascara and MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara

I’m sure you all know that this Avon mascara is like holy grail status for me. And this Max Factor 1 is pretty awesome as well! But the 2 of them layered πŸ™πŸΌ omg! Someone actually asked me if I was wearing false lashes!

The result: super long, separated, full, luscious lashes! Nuff said!
LA Girl Gel liner in Dark Brown and E.L.F Cream Eyeliner in Black

I’ve been into Gel liners, can you tell??

I use them both on the inner waterline as well as on the lash line for winged liner.

They’re both equally pigmented, they glide on really well and stay all day.

My LA girl Gel liner in black has started to dry up so I started using the ELF 1 and I really love it.

Max Factor Creme Puff blushes and Bourjois Chocolate Bronzing powder

I got these because of the constant raves from the lovely ladies fromAll Dolled Up

And they did not disappoint! I have the shades 01 Nude Mauve, 05 Lovely Pink and 30 Gorgeous Berries

They have a lively sheen to them without looking chunky and glittery, they are really pigmented as well and the look so gorgeous on the cheeks!

They are a little pricey for a “drugstore” products, so I waited for a 3 for 2 sale on Cosmetiques de France and then snatched them πŸ˜‰

As for the Bourjois bronzer, I finally found a bronzer that looks good on my skin. Warms up the complexion without looking muddy or orange. Its a matte powder but does have some glitter through it but doesn’t really show up as shimmery or glittery on the skin, so it’s pretty much matte to me.

It’s not overly pigmented to where you have to watch how much you apply but it’s not poorly pigmented either, does that make sense?

Anyway I’ve been really loving it. 

Did I mention it smells so yummy?!

Saved the best for last πŸ˜‰ highlighters

City Colors Highlight Trio, Physicians Formula Shimmer strips in Warm Nude and Essence Eyeshadow in 01 Snowflake

1st of all, all of these are recommendations from Thataylaa on YouTube

I got the City Color 1 from Muse Beauty

These 3 have just been in my rotation for the past 2 months or so

I don’t use any other highlighters. They are all very finely milled and look very smooth in the skin, not shimmery or glittery at all, which is just my kinda highlight

My favorite way to apply highlighter is wet, as to not destroy the powder in the pan, I 1st pick up some product on my brush and then spritz the brush with a makeup spray and apply

I use the Vintage Beauty Facial Tonic, any makeup setting spray will work, such as MAC Fix +
Doing this intensifies the pigment and makes the highlight sort of melt into the skin rather than sit on top of it.
That’s it for my current favorite products! Shew that was long 1!

I hope you guys enjoyed the post and gave you some insight on products you were maybe contemplating on whether or not to buy them.

If you guys have any post suggestions, leave a comment below.

I’d also love to know what are your current favorites so drop me a comment and let me know 😊

Thank you for reading, if you wanna see more posts from us, don’t forget t subscribe and follow us on Instagram @makeupastorm
Love and kisses β€οΈπŸ’‹


June – July Favorites 2016

Hello again!
Shew it’s been a while since we’ve popped in on here!

Things have just been so hectic recently that the blog has taken the back seat (unfortunately)

But I’m hoping we can get back to it, even if it’s just once a week

This post has been long overdue and we’re already almost halfway through August but better late than never right?

And I was just dying to share these with you guys!

Let’s jump right into it!

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks in general have been a favorite for the past few weeks

I purchased some from Shades of Mink just before Eid, I have just 1 left so that I could include it in this pic πŸ˜‹ but I’ll be using it asap

I love the way my skin looks and feels after using a sheet mask, my skin literally just drinks up all of the essences and by the next morning, my skin is so smooth and glowing!

You can purchase them from the online store which is linked, Yasmin (founder of Shades of Mink) will be launching a new range of products soon, be sure to follow her on Instagram @shadesofmink for updates and sneak peeks of the new releases

The best part is that if you’re unsure of which products to get, she offers an online skin consultation (via email) you just tell her what skin concerns you have and what type of products you’re looking for and she will advise which ones will be best

That will bring me to my next product which I will talk about in just a bit

Also pictured is a sheet mask from the brand Skin Strategy, the Rejuvenating mask, it also comes with a serum which you use after the mask and this mask is also a firm favorite. It’s also quite inexpensive and easily accessible at Dischem stores
Janssen Cosmetics Bio Fruit Gel Exfoliator 

Another item from Shades of Mink

As I mentioned above that she offers skin consultations, she recommended this to me when I mentioned that I get clogged pores and texture on my skin

And boy oh boy! This has been a game changer

It’s an enzyme/chemical exfoliant and contains glycolic, malic and lactic acids, to name a few

I use it once or twice a week and after about 2 weeks I could see a major improvement in my skin

Absolutely love and will continue to repurchase once this is finished
LiyaRy BioActive Silt

This mask is amazeballs! This Silt is naturally found in Europe freshwater lakes. This mask will help skin retain moisture, pull out gunk from the pores and also regenerate skin cell turnover

My favorite way of using it is by mixing it into my rhassoul clay mask mixture
Sticking to skincare before I move into makeup
Vintage Beauty Rejuvenating Eye Cream

As some of you may know, Vintage Beauty is my own skincare brand.

I started off with just 1 product, the cold cream and have recently introduced an eye cream

This has been the best eye cream I’ve ever used, honestly!

I would like to say it’s a dupe for the Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment with avocado

Because I’ve also used avocado oil in it

It’s super hydrating, high in antioxidants and essential fatty acids 

It’s been a true life saver and so many people have fallen in love with it as well, the results speak for themselves 

Follow my page on Instagram @VintageBeautySA for more info and to see customer feedback on the products, I’m also rebranding and launching new products soon, you don’t wanna miss that πŸ˜‰

More on the eye cream, I have super dry skin and an even drier eye area, I could never pull off concealer without it looking crepey and cakey, and then there’s creasing, which by setting with powder can fix that, that’s something I could never do because of dry my skin is, it always ended up in a disaster!

This eye cream has been a lifesaver! Not only can I comfortably wear concealer with no dryness and flakiness but I can also set it with powder!!!

Overall my eye area looks a lot more youthful and plump and more even toned, I can definitely see an improvement in dark circles ❀️

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation

I honestly think this is my ultimate favorite foundation, it provides enough coverage (medium) and looks like skin, it honestly looks so natural that you can tell I have makeup on

I use the shade 52 Vanilla which I’ve added yellow coloring to match me perfectly

And when set with the Bourjois Healthy Balance powder, perfection!

It lasts all day for me, having dry skin I don’t have to worry about oiliness and touching up.

Also, the powder is amazing for setting concealer under the eyes, it’s not drying or cakey looking and almost has a glowy look to it even though it’s not shimmery at all!

Holy grail status products right here!

I purchased these off of the Cosmetiques De France website when they had a 3 for 2 sale on Bourjois and also received free shipping, double BONUS!
Essence Soft Touch Mousse Foundation

Lol 1st off, obviously this is not my shade and I know that, but I use this to contour and bronze up my face 

Almost like a cream contour but seriously even better!

You only need a tiny amount coz it’s super pigmented and blends out like a dream!

This specific shade (60 Matt mahogany) is just perfect, it’s not too warm that it looks orange, yet not too cool that it looks muddy or ashy

*PR sample
Garnier BB Cream for Eyes

I’ve mentioned this in a favorites before and I’ve rediscovered it and fallen in love again

I love using it under concealer to sort of colour correct because of its peachy tone, or on its own when I’m not wearing any makeup/foundation

It blends out so well and it’s really lightweight so it doesn’t cake up under concealer or crease
WOW Cosmetics Eyeshadow in No. 46

I spotted WOW cosmetics at a local pharmacy, when searching eye shadows I found this gem 😍 I use it as a highlighter and not eye shadow

It’s gorgeous! Not shimmery or glittery at all, just gives a nice sheen and look beautiful on the tops of the cheekbones

It’s a slightly peachy champagne colour, which would suit a lot of skin tones

I will be picking up another 1 soon!
So that’s all for my favorites, hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I’ve been loving the past few weeks

Drop me a comment and let me know what’s your current favorite products and any recommendations would be awesome too
Much love

F xxx

What’s In My Makeup Bag

 I like to keep a small makeup bag near my makeup collection for easy access, to be able to pull it out and pop a few essentials for when I’m headed out and I know I’m gonna need to remove and reapply my makeup or for touch ups.
I’ve been loving this bag! It has a little mesh pouch in the middle which is attached by a small piece of velcro so if you don’t want to use it, you can easily just pull it out.

I like to use that to store my makeup brushes and beauty blender in. It’s mesh so it’s breathable.

And when this little pouch is attached, it creates a division so you have 2 separate compartments in the bag
There’s a lot of space however the bag itself is quite small.

Perfect to pop into your handbag yet big enough for you to take on travel, as it can keep quite a lot of products.
I got this bag from AVON, it came with a set of foot care products, I’m pretty sure it was a limited edition thing Coz I haven’t seen it in the catalogues for quite some time.
These are my makeup bag essentials

* Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation

* Bourjois Healthy Balance powder

* CATRICE Liquid Camouflage concealer

* Vintage Beauty Cold Cream (trial size)

* EOS Hand lotion 

* Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara

* LA Girl Glide on Gel eyeliner in Black

* Maybelline Baby Lips in Peachy Kiss

* Milani Blush in Luminoso

* A random brow pencil

* CATRICE Fluid lipstick (lipgloss)

* Some makeup brushes and a beauty blender (powder brush, blush brush and foundation brush (27 Pinkx blush brush) 
(From time to time, brands and products will change, but the actual product eg foundation concealer mascara etc stays the same, these are just my current obsessions and have been in my makeup bag for the past few weeks or so, the foundation and powder image new additions only)
I don’t wear blush and mascara on a daily a basis, however I like to keep it in my makeup bag for “incase”
What is in your makeup bag currently? I’d love to know what products have been your go-to
Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @makeupastorm
Fatima πŸ’‹