Introduction to our new blog

Hello and welcome to our new blog!

Just want to start off by introducing ourselves.

We are 2 sisters and best friends,  who love everything beauty related!

From makeup to skincare to haircare. We are absolute addicts!

And so we decided to start a blog to share that love and passion with the rest of the world! 😛


So here’s just a little intro about ourselves


M – I’m in my mid 20’s, full time working (super) mom to a handsome boy and beautiful girl.

Part time makeup artist and part time blogger.


F – I’m 20 years old, new full time mom to a beautiful baby girl.

And now part time blogger


We’re hoping to show you guys that being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t do the things that you love and still look fabulous!  🙂


We’ll be doing product reviews, DIY skincare and haircare treatments and so so much more.


If you any questions or suggestions for posts you would like to see, leave a comment or email us on and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can


So please follow our blog and share it with your friends and family. You don’t wanna miss all the glamorousness that is yet to come!


PS. We won’t be sharing our full names just yet. I think a little mystery always keeps things interesting 😉


‘Til later

Much Love

M & F



2 thoughts on “Introduction to our new blog

  1. I love your blog.

    I just read everything posted up to today, and I find it very helpful.

    I have never before considered Avon, and I actually went to their website after reading you reviews.

    Best of luck, I hope this takes off!


    • So glad you love it and we appreciate ypur feedback. Thank you!

      I’ve been using Avon for a very long time! Like 10 years probably. Their products are really good quality and reasonably priced (especially when on special)
      And they have a money back guarantee so you can return anything that you didn’t like 🙂

      Don’t forget to follow the blog so that you don’t miss any of our posts!
      Thank you, hope it takes off too 🙂



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